Nokia Lumia developing for Android

Nokia Plan B was kept in reserve in case Windows Phone was not the platform of choice for the manufacturer out of pap. And this for a rainy day was none other than Android!

Sources told the New York Times that Nokia was developing a Lumia Android. Better Terminal worked indeed. The acquisition of the mobile branch of the Microsoft enterprise project ended this adventure that could lead to some very interesting devices. Stephen Elop, the former CEO of Nokia, however, had said after the signing of the “strategic partnership” with the editor of Windows Phone, Android had been removed from the final choice. The pretender Steve Ballmer had explained that Nokia had less chance to distinguish themselves from the competition (read: Samsung) if using Android.

Obviously, the manufacturer has still not want to put all your eggs in one basket. The sources said that during the acquisition, the Lumia Android was not a deciding factor for Microsoft. The editor was so aware of this experience. Nokia could kill this card in case of failure of the Windows Phone platform. We can, however, help thinking that this development has influenced the choice of Microsoft.

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