Omni GoPro camera DVR is revealed

Omni: GoPro camera DVR is revealed

Om GoPro camera DVR is revealed
GoPro do not mess with virtual reality. While the cameras terrain builder knows some difficulties on its heart of trade, he put on this area of booming activity to try to improve sales.

The Omni is part of this strategy. This cube welcomes six cameras that record video simultaneously; videos nested into each other to create an image 360 degrees which can be admired through a VR headset.

GoPro did not give the price of the Omni, but if you add up the prices of six cameras, it already reaches 2,000 $. There are chances that the final bill will be higher … even if it is still cheaper than the Odyssey, another carrier which comprises 16 Hero4 cameras: this model cost …15,000 $.

The manufacturer has not indicated either marketing date. On this market, Samsung and LG both announced 360 small cameras, the recording quality is no doubt, but that should be more affordable.

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