DJ app for iPad swaps your record bag for your Spotify password

DJ app for iPad
Pacemaker DJ app for iPad swaps your record bag for your Spotify password, The team behind Pacemaker clearly thinks so. What was originally ambitious hardware, had to reinvent itself as an app after a complex business arrangement meant things didn’t work out. Sadly, the app chose a platform that limited its scope, when it launched as a BlackBerry-only offering. Most notable though, is the partnership with Spotify, giving you instant access to the streaming service’s entire library. You’ll need a premium account, but there’s a free trial included in the app. This is something that was attempted before, albeit in breach of Spotify’s terms and conditions. Perhaps the most pleasing part of the story though — at least for owners of the original hardware — is that Pacemaker the device hasn’t been forgotten. Today, it receives a new firmware update which brings new features and improvements to the now, cult gadget. So whether you’re hardware or software, it’s time to dig out those headphones.

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