Panasonic will create its own system of smart home

Following Google and IBM, Panasonic is going to create its own system of energy supply for “smart homes.” It is named SMARTHEMS and will control the power consumption in the home, in order to make it more efficient.

SMARTHEMS system based on a combination of home energy-efficient equipment in a network. In the near future Panasonic will start producing home appliances that are compatible with the system SMARTHEMS. These will include air conditioning, a different technique for the kitchen and hot water systems in a series of EcoCute. On the production of boilers in Panasonic speech does not go, so homeowners need to visit de dietrich company store and control their work by the personal presence.

ON SMARTHEMS will be updated regularly through cloud services, enabling it to constantly adapt to the changing needs of people. The list of its functions is to collect and provide information on the consumption of electricity, water and gas, automatic home appliances, the possibility to remotely control home appliances via a smartphone and more.

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