PlayStation 4 will have instant start and a strong social orientation

PS 4 will have instant start and a strong social orientation
Sony is going to get you take less traditional screens which have accompanied the consoles since the dawn of games on CD. In addition to discovering the PlayStation 4 hardware keys, the Japanese company has announced that its new console will be able to recover your last game by simply pressing the power button, what gives us to understand that the PlayStation 4 will be “hibernating” by default instead of completely off.

A chip specialist within the PS4 will be responsible for raising, lowering, and play games while downloading, while the DualShock 4 social button will make it possible to share small video clips of 10 seconds of duration; the Vine of the consoles was born. It will also allow to make streaming over the internet.

Sony hopes to integrate these small videos in a social network that will be accessible from phones, tablets and other devices, offering a high level of customization. In addition, they can be shared via Facebook and Ustream. If all this were little, Sony recall your preferences to subsequently offer games that may be of your liking. All processing system has been implemented in the architecture itself of the PlayStation 4, so you will not have any impact on their performance.

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