Root Robot: learn to program for small and large

To Day when almost everything is governed by lines of computer code, more and more people are interested in programming. Many start-ups are therefore looking for innovative solutions to accelerate the learning process. This week it is the turn of the little robot Root to make talk about him.

“A playful and simple approach”.
Having already surpassed its funding objectives on Kickstarter, this small robot devised by Wyss Institute of Harvard would “train the next generations of programmers” allowing them to modify in real time the behavior of the robot via a tablet by having different lines of code Represented not by text, but by icons in order to make the whole thing more digestible.

Equipped with position and direction sensors, a color scanner, to recognize the features of an array, it also incorporates an eraser to erase everything it draws as well as two loudspeakers to communicate with its owner.

Include $ 195 to be purchased as part of the fundraising campaign.

Watch Video:

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