Samsung Galaxy Camera – € 599 and available from the end of October

Last Friday, via press release, Samsung has finally carved out a price and availability out. The Galaxy camera will be equipped with Android 1.4 Jelly Bean and for 599 € (RRP) be commercially available in late October.

That was fast. At IFA, Samsung has introduced a stylish compact camera, which is also at the end of this month will be in stores. The camera has a 21-times zoom lens with a focal length of 23 mm. The back is almost entirely related to the display. 4.8-inch (12.12 cm) is this large. Samsung has built a HD Super Clear LCD.


HD 4.8-inch Super Clear LCD display
1/2.3 inch 16 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor
21-times zoom lens
Lens with 23 mm focal length
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
3G and 4G

At IFA, I could take a little Galaxy camera in my hand and try. Has fallen at once the exterior. To my mind, it was very good in the hand and not too heavy or too light. The back is actually almost entirely of the display. Nevertheless, one touches the screen does not unintentionally when the camera is in the hands.

Menu and service were also kept very simple. By Android Apps can also be loaded specifically for additional photos from the Google Play Store (of course all other apps). Is also an expert mode in which you can easily aperture, shutter speed, etc. are set. So even for something more ambitious amateur photographers.

Video takes the Galaxy camera in full HD also. There is here a slow-motion function, you can capture in the most rapid movements. However, this is possible in this mode only in HD quality.

The Price :

On Google+ and on many websites is currently being discussed mainly at the price (RRP). It is argued that for 599 € and the same can be bought an SLR. That is correct. But one would like to have a rounder DSLR, it does not stay with one lens. And exactly go quite quickly add up. 500-2000 € are due soon for a good lens.

€ 599 are certainly not small change, with which you can throw at it. But the argument that the price for a DSLR can be bought is wrong. As just mentioned, nor are added costs for additional lenses. It also likes to claim that a DSLR provides overall better pictures. But this is in general not the case.

Images of a DSLR out often he box, without finishing rarely see fabulous. Here the photographer is asked with skillful editing. A process that is not to be underestimated. If a photographer has no idea of ​​the image composition, lighting conditions and generally have little knowledge about photography, the images do not even come on the status of a snapshot. A chef cooks not automatically better just because it has the best pots and pans.

The Galaxy camera is not suitable for people who only make from time to time a party picture, or in the holidays or your sweetheart want to scan on the stand. Sure enough, the built-in camera in the smartphone perfectly.

Those who make a little more contrast and some important settings such as aperture, shutter speed control, etc. would be even with a camera, as the Galaxy camera are quite happy.

Unsuitable the Galaxy camera is also for those who deal with a lot of photography and later want to process the image data (RAW).

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