Samsung Galaxy NX this really is – 1499 €

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy NX presented and it actually showed a pretty good camera. This is based on the NX20 and thus also offers interchangeable lenses, as the name suggests, a full-fledged Android with a huge display.

Samsung has not announced then, as always, unfortunately price of the camera, but now lists the usual suspects the camera.

There you can preorder now at a price of 1499 € she viz. Unfortunately, an exact delivery date does not tell the shop, but according to Samsung it is still in the third quarter – come on the market – so no later than the end of September. i’m Curious where the price will settle down eventually and I think that has once again received the award not only as a placeholder and this really is € 1,499. Our hands-on video, there are following, more pictures can be found here.

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