Samsung launches smallest fisheye lens on the market

Samsung not only has good smartphones and notebooks but is also active in the camera area. Currently, the company has introduced a new lens for the NX series, which will be the smallest in the world. The 10mm F3.5 lens weighs 72 grams and has a huge wide angle of 180 degrees.

Depending on the shooting mode to aperture, shutter speed and exposure correction will set the i-Function button on the lens can and can then be fine-tuned. This should go all with just one hand.

Cost base for the lens: € 499, available in the second quarter of 2013. This fisheye lens, there is now way 13 different lenses for the NX series. But what is still lacking in the send cameras is a standard microphone input. This is especially if you make videos actually unreliable.

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