Samsung refrigerator RF31FMES BSR, great features home gadgets

Samsung refrigerator RF31FMES
We will in the coming weeks often deal with new smartphones from Samsung and the like, because the distraction is worth looking at the other departments of the mega-company. The thinking is not only better product name – this fridge is RF31FMESBSR – but also surprise with good features. The new family cooler comes with an integrated carbon dioxide cartridge. A glass of cool wet But please you. You can choose between three different levels of blubber, provided by SodaStream. Also good: the lowered child specialist.

And because the fridge will come to market in the U.S. (as of April, Price: $ 3,900), which also produces RF31FMESBSR up to 4.5 kg of ice per day.

Samsung refrigerator RF31FMES ND

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