Samsung solves the problem with the S-Pen introduced upside down

samsung-Galaxy Note 5
That put warnings in the user manual or with stickers in Galaxy Note 5 screen was something temporary. Samsung has finally solved the problem that caused the S Pen pinching on the phone if it is inserted incorrectly, and that can up to break the digital pen or detection of the sensor.
Something curious is that the announcement of the arrangement has not been done openly, it is more, the manufacturer does not say one word about it. We learned of the change thanks to a reader of the site Phandroid that simply discovered that the new Note 5 no longer suffered from this design problem, and that now simply allow you to make the S Pen if it is incorrectly entered, without breaking the recognition sensor.

Below you can see the new detector (to the left, with gray color), which unlike having form of lever, now is curved. Slightly quite simple, but effective.
It is necessary to clarify that it is not strange that manufacturers implement changes in models of already available phones, but it is not also anything very common, because the investment is usually high. In any case, the complaints got for this problem with the Note 5 of course were so many people, that Samsung decided to manage so that the phone keeps on working correctly.

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