Samsung unveils WB110 bridge camera with 26x optical zoom

While its mostly been busy blurring the lines between smartphone and camera lately, Samsung’s still churning out regular shooters as well. Case in point: it just launched the WB110, a 20-megapixel successor to last year’s 16-megapixel model packing the same 26x optical zoom.

That’s far from superzooms like Nikon’s 42x P520, but Samsung’s model does go a touch wider with a 35mm equivalent range of 22.3mm to 580mm. Other highlights include 720p AVC/H.264 video, 3,200 max ISO, Smart Auto mode to aid in tricky still and movie exposures, a pop-up flash and a 3-inch HVGA (480 x 360) display.

None of those specs will set the world on fire, so hopefully the price won’t burn your wallet once Samsung gets around to announcing it. There’s no date for availability either, but the rest of the story’s in the PR after the break.

SOURCE : Engadget

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