Sharp had to almost stop producing displays for the iPad because of falling demand

Sharp iPad
Reuters news agency, citing its own sources reported that Sharp has almost stopped production of 9.7-inch screen sizes used in tablets Apple iPad. The reason called “the movement of demand” on the model of iPad mini, faced by the company Apple.

Sharp representative declined to comment, explaining that the company does not publish data on volumes of production. No comments yet on the part of Apple.

Informants do not know to what extent the decline in demand for iPad due to seasonal patterns and do not own the data on total sales of tablets Apple.

According to the Macquarie Research supplies iPad prosyadut this quarter by about 40% compared with the previous – from 13 to 8 million. A few days ago, the Japanese business daily Nikkei reported that the decline in demand for Apple iPhone 5 forces to halve orders for screens for these devices.

Meanwhile, shares of Apple this week temporarily dropped below $ 500. This was the first time in nearly a year.

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