Shooter Battlefield 4 is officially

To silence the rumors while a little more titillating curiosity of players, this is what were the objectives of DICE inviting us in this beautiful country of Sweden to present the Battlefield 4.

Frankly, most of the information that we had on the new FPS from Sweden were found in the extract above, online since all Internets this morning. The prologue of Battlefield 4, long 17 minutes, we watched yesterday evening in a theater with a big screen and a size XXL. The pictures speak for themselves, the Frostbite Engine 3 worked wonders, and there is no doubt that Battlefield 4 is visually impressive.

This new engine DICE owner is able to develop both small details (movements and animations of the characters, their skin texture, facial expressions, etc..) Large areas (visual depth of field for example, is quite incredible). Wind particles after an explosion, clouds of smoke lifelike, lights … It is without fault, any statement by staging highly polished.

You can admire the variety of environments (urban, jungle, no man’s land industrial), some phases vehicles (helicopter, jeep, etc.)., And some game mechanics (scoring enemies to delegate the dirty work for his squad) and and … that’s about it! We have not been able to take much more of Swedish studio pundits who want to keep the time everything else – the scenario to any new gameplay mechanics through multi – in the secret of the gods, developers of competing speech enigmatic and elusive. Frustrating.

Carl Almgren, Senior Development on the Frostbite 3, for example, we detailed the new iteration of the engine. It is more efficient than the version 2, expected a little. Did they just learned that the team dedicated to this aspect has been largely expanded for the occasion. The development tool allows all trades of a given change of studio and see the results in real time, it is “what you see and what you play.”

The gentleman also emphasized the potential of the engine to breathe life into believable characters: it passes through their facial animations (emotion), appearance (the play of light, textures, depending on the tissues of the outfit …) and more generally their behavior. Be. Second project: the environment, which wants the most dynamic possible. And aggressive. Movement elements such as trees, clothes and smoke particles will be directly affected by wind or breath of an explosion.

We then participated in two workshops, one with Stefan Strandberg, Game Director of Solo, and Gustav Tilleby, artistic director, again, we unfortunately encountered communication extremely framed studio, not learning really more what was seen in the prologue (except modeling Omar series The Wire for the role of Irish).

About the history and our role should be, after the prologue, take over our superior, stuck it in the car under water. Each of our speakers also stressed the desire to offer a credible player campaign, can make us feel emotions and vibrant, thanks to the multi mechanical learned (which we have not seen as marking enemies) .
In light of this video, which, we repeat, is a visually impressive and very scenic, we want to believe.

As players cautious, demanding and used to promises, still waiting to find out a little more. New information should in all probability we arrive at E3 at the latest. Battlefield 4 is scheduled on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, you can imagine it will also be released on next generation consoles.

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