Sony Google Tv Review

The Sony Google Tv launch devices have their differences,Google TV’s entry in the media streamers market is here and it hopes to bring more than mere streaming. Its main purpose is convergence and the ability to search for your media in a unified manner, while enjoying the comfort of your own couch. We’ll try to find out in Review’s Horizon ambitious take to review this complex box. at their core they’re all running Android on an Intel CE4100 media processor, which is essentially a 1.2GHz Atom core that’s been beefed up with some extra graphics hardware capable of capturing and decoding 1080p video. Google tells us the Intel chip offers the best price performance ratio right now, but that nothing’s written in stone for the future- just like modern smartphones kicked off furious innovation in the mobile chipset market, Google expects the media-chip market to rapidly become more competitive in the future in response to connected TV devices. But for right now it’s Atom, which is a big win for Intel in this space- and in fact, Intel claims to have written half of Google TV’s code.Unfortunately, Flash video playback is the only optimized part of Flash, as far as we can tell-other Flash content, like ads and games, ran incredibly slowly, and bogged down the browser in turn.

Although not the first one to be announced the honor belongs to Logitech Revue, Sony Google TV model NSZ-GT1 is the first Google TV box to actually ship. We got one as soon as they were available and we are probably one of the first technology blogs to offer a full review based on an actual retail unit. The box includes the QWERTY remote control, the power supply external, one HDMI cable and a double IR transmitter, one for your DVR box, one for your receiver.
Of course, almost none of this web video would play without a robust Flash implementation, and that’s one place where Google TV shines. We’re happy to say we had zero problems playing 1080p Flash video on a variety of sites, and we found the controls to be responsive and the quality to be eminently watchable. Flash video playback is arguably the most polished aspect of Google TV- our only complaint is that tiny player controls tend to get lost and hard to hit with the mouse on larger TV screens, a problem that can be solved by mapping the keyboard play and pause buttons to control video playback.TVs By Sony and Google.

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