Sony launches new headphones with MP3 player for swimmers

Listen to music when swimming is one thing that I could even imagine it did not, but there are probably people who use this. Sony has equipment that is appropriate for quite a while in the offer and has now released an update of the series at the start. The NWD-W273 look at first glance like regular headphones, which here also a MP3 player is built. It can play MP3 and WMA addition, ATRAC, Linear PCM and AAC-LC files and weighs only 29g comfortable.

When the battery is fully charged it will last for 8 hours of music, there is also a 3 min quick charge mode, which supplies the NWD-W273 with Power again for an hour listening. In Japan, the MP3 player is sold. The price is equivalent to just under € 85. Is this something for you?…

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