Sony reveals the PlayStation 4

A few hours after Microsoft, Sony has finally set sail on his Playstation 4 … A black monolith that looks like a Playstation 2.

Sony has not done its best “keynote”, far from it. It was boring. However, the Japanese manufacturer has provided answers to many questions. What you need to know? The Playstation will be sold 399 euros – 100 euros less than the Xbox One. You can lend your games, or sell them – point of DRM. You do not need a permanent connection either. Short, and surprises for Microsoft and Xbox One that arouses controversy since its announcement …


On its design. We made fun of Xbox One with VCR-like. Playstation 4 does not transcend either. It looks like a brick inclined, with a brilliant part and another part “mate”. The next generation will definitely parallelepiped. Side connectors, it is unfortunately much less served as the Xbox One for everything related to multimedia. Include the basics: USB 3.0 front, HDMI port, an optical output and RJ45 behind …

Side “games.” Sony made ​​a big part of line up: Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Destiny (MMO), The Order 1866 … Finally, the PS4 host of cloud gaming in 2014. Indeed, Sony will finally capitalize on its recent purchases – Gaika.


So PS4 or Xbox One? The match may be tight, Microsoft certainly not expected that Sony is so offensive on its rates. The “100 euros” easily justified the cost of manufacturing, Xbox One is supplied with Kinect. However, is that consumers will pay 100 euros for this technology?

Expect to learn a little more about our interactions with tablets and smartphones: SmartGlass Mobile … Sony Playstation and Microsoft are going to be open to different eco-systems. Manufacturers do not have – unfortunately – so far revealed much on these lands.

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