Sony Vaio Pro 11 and 13 now available to order

At Computex 2013 Sony had to get with the laptop Sony Vaio Pro quite a bit of attention, because ultrabooks are not only chic but rather over the competition also very easy. Well it did not take long for the notebooks are available to order.

This is far unfortunately only via the official Sony Store possible, but there are several configuration options. Price starts the Vaio Pro 11 at € 998, the 13 inch version at € 1,019. Who wants in a black casing in carbon-look 40 € will be more due to the Updrage on the i7 processor requires Sony € 200 more. For this, the update from 4GB to 8GB Ram in comparison with other manufacturers of 40 € is relatively cheap, at € 100 Apple be required for this. The upgrade from a 256GB to a 512GB SSD € 300.

Anyone interested in the Vaio Pro, should simply drop by right in the Sony Store. All units come standard with HD display, a touch screen, Windows 8, and a battery with 7 hours run time. As an option for € 100 by the way also a spare battery, which provides a runtime of up to 18 hours. For this, the notebook must not be turned off. Shop for the Sony it goes along here. Our hands-on, click here.

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