Sony will release Android Jelly Bean Xperia Smartphone 2011

Smartphones series Xperia 2011 issue, as you know, still supported by the manufacturer. Currently, almost all the models in this series have an operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and until recently it was believed that they will get well and the version of Jelly Bean. However, the situation has clarified spokesman for Sony, and let slip that the company will not update last year’s release of Xperia smartphones.

Statement by the Spokesman Sony is very angered fans of Japanese brand, because they were promised that all smartphones in 2011 will receive updates of the operating system as long as possible. And when you consider that there are no extraordinary hardware requirements for this platform does not have, we can assume that the refusal to release new firmware is simply the desire to save money. However, the response to perturbations of the users of the Sony does not take long. According to the official website of Facebook, information about the model line Xperia 2011 issue will not get Android Jelly Bean, was published in error. In fact, Sony is now at the stage of the study and determine which models of this series, most in need of a new firmware, and which of them will be more fully realized in a new version of Android.

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