Subway – The concept of hours in the style of the metro

The artist never knows where, when and for what occupation he finds inspiration, so some items are very stylish, like others, banal, familiar and uninteresting. For example, what a surprising and unexpected can be a subway map? But a British designer named Peter, still managed to see in it something beautiful and introduced the concept of a wristwatch called the Subway.

The dial of this watch replaces a simple LCD-display, which shows a matrix of nine digits, with its help the user determine the current time. Of course, if you do not know how to construct these hours, then navigate to the dial will not work. But to crack the mystery is enough to remember that the clocks are known as Subway, and therefore they should be regarded as a normal map of the subway.

The right number on the screen are highlighted by circles and circles, in turn, are connected by straight lines, and if you follow along these lines, the sum of the digits of the time, hours, minutes and sometimes seconds. Of course, you can read, and the date, but it appears the same way. By Subway concept is well aware that a watch is practically meaningless, time can be read on almost any electronic device, so this toy is more stylish accessory in the high-tech style.

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