Sunglasses with buildings avtoregistrator : does it make sense ?

In the market of electronic devices periodically appear unusual gadgets. In particular, manufacturers of electronics all the time trying to cross sunglasses with something useful and interesting. Even notorious, Motorola conducted similar experiments. Remember O ROKR? Sunglasses with Bluetooth-headset. And the numerous glasses with MP3-player and not talking.

It may be that these devices are convenient and practical, only manufacturers offer only one design option. And it is not all that will do people choose different styles of dress. Besides glasses may not be appropriate in size – face something all different. Therefore, these gadgets and are not very popular.

Given the considerable popularity DVRs in Russia (according to analysts, this year can be sold about 1 million of these devices, it is 2-3 times more than in 2011), on sale there gadget ProCam XR2 – glasses with built-in camera. Areas of use of the device – and the car (as a car DVR), and walks, and outdoor activities, and even sports.

ProCam XR2 also represented in only one design – sports. What do people who dress in a different style? So, again, do not think about customers. Included with the gadget are three pairs of different lenses: yellow, transparent and black. But do not forget, even in the optician can stumble upon the poor quality lenses that adversely affect your vision. Therefore, there are doubts about the quality of the lens ProCam XR2, which, by the way, are made in China.

At first glance, it seems that the use ProCam XR2 as registrar convenient, but experience shows otherwise. Glasses weigh 57 grams – the weight of a relatively small, but even it can be tiring, if not a long time to remove the gadget from the head. And shoot it during the trip did not – will not record events in front of the car. And do not be distracted by, say, a passenger or a mobile phone. After all, if you turn your head to the side, and it was at that moment something happens – the device zasnimet no accident, and what you were distracted.

Now about autonomy. ProCam XR2 can work for 2 hours on a single battery charge. The indicator is not of the best. Imagine this: you are going somewhere, and then the battery points registrar sits. Options are not many, only two: stop and wait until it is charged or pull the charger to my head. By the way, do not forget about the micro-movements, which we constantly make. Because of these videos can be blurry.

On the financial side, the ProCam XR2 can be purchased for 7.5 thousand rubles. To be honest, as the average cost two HD-DVR. Almost forgot, ProCam XR2 also records video in HD720p. Take, for example, the registrar AdvoCam-FD3, its price – 8000 rubles, in addition, it comes with a memory card of 4 GB, so the difference is 500 rubles compensated.

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