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TeamViewer now easier with touchscreen operated

TeamViewer is a software with which you can pretty much just any PC from anywhere can control. This can be very helpful, if you for example short something must help a friend or but if you by on the road to wants to access his home PC. The software is available now for some time for Android and iOS, the Android version has now fortunately received a major update.

With this update, it should be much easier to use the Windows desktop via touch screen. Namely, it brings a native touch control, so that you now cannot control the PC as if you were sitting before really. Also included the Geesten from Windows 8, so is this now can use on the road. Also the settings menu has been redesigned and there are also adjustments for Android 4.2. The small software as always free there in the Google play store. A video is available in the connection. Continue reading TeamViewer now easier with touchscreen operated

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