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Apple iPhone 5 sales hit record

A few hours after the mobile operator AT&T announced a record demand for iPhone 5, Apple has published a more accurate figure. Shares tehgiganta suddenly broke the 700-dollar mark.

In a press release the company from Cupertino reported that the number of pre-orders for the sixth generation iPhone exceeded 2 million. A record number of entries were collected in the first 24 hours of admission to pre-sell the smartphone. Continue reading Apple iPhone 5 sales hit record

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Apple introduced the iPhone 5

Today in San Francisco at the scene the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller), Apple’s vice president of marketing, presented the new generation of the iPhone. Acquired the name of the product expected iPhone 5.
The first thing that drew the attention of Phil Schiller, – smaller novelty in comparison to its predecessor. iPhone 5 to 18% thinner (thickness – 7.6 mm) and 20% lighter (weight – 112 grams) than the iPhone 4S. It is noted that the unit is made only of glass and aluminum. Continue reading Apple introduced the iPhone 5

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False advertising for iPhone 5

The iPhone will likely be 5 presented in September (September 12 if we are to believe the rumors), and designers are having a field day imagining the new Apple smartphone. And today, it’s not just a static concept that is presented, but a false advertising touting a fictional device from Apple.

In this fake commercial made ​​by Csaba Nagy, the iPhone is truly revolutionary 5. Continue reading False advertising for iPhone 5

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Apple iPhone 5 will show the world in August

People all over the world can be roughly classified into two categories – yablokofilam and yablokofobam. The first soul is not in production chayut of Apple, and the latter hate it with every fiber of his soul, and believe that it has no place in today’s world. However, those and others are eagerly awaiting the announcement of your iPhone 5, which, as it became known today, could take place in the first half of August. According to preliminary data, the announcement is scheduled for August 7, although initially the device was to be presented at a conference in June WWDC.
Continue reading Apple iPhone 5 will show the world in August

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iPhone 5 will appear in September in an innovative housing

Maybe this year we still see the iPhone 5. Taiwanese vendors have reported that the sixth generation smartphones from Apple, we can see in September. According to the resource AppleInsider, the Cupertino-based company is waiting for an exciting September. According iDownloadBlog, Apple has the exclusive right to use the technology Liquidmetal (liquid metal).
But for the moment capacity is not possible to begin to apply the technology. In May this year, one of the inventors of Atakan Peker Liquidmetal said in an interview with Business Insider, that Apple must be at least three to five years to introduce the technology of liquid metal on an industrial scale. Alloy Liquidmetal (liquid metal), consists of zirconium, titanium, nickel, copper and other materials, has a smooth surface, like a liquid, allowing it to be product of stronger, lighter and more resistant to corrosion in comparison to currently used alloys . Engineers Apple, using such an alloy in the future, be able to construct a durable, lightweight and slim iPhone. Perhaps some part of the new alloy will be seen in the new iPhone 5 in September, without waiting for any iPhone 12 in 3 years.

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