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Apple company patent demonstrates wraparound screen on iphone

Apple company offers registered the obvious which often shows a whole new iphone design flashing the wraparound AMOLED display screen, the unit is apparently comparable inside design for the last era ipod device Nano.

The initial aspect of the unit on the other hand is that the display screen is usually ‘unrolled’ as well as ‘unfolded’ because of the hinge as well as unfolding mechanism allowing your display screen region to get virtually bending in dimensions.

With the display screen engineering Apple offers included numerous advanced technology which includes facial-recognition, gesture command and the layering associated with window screens to produce a three dimensional exhibit. Continue reading Apple company patent demonstrates wraparound screen on iphone

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Apple introduced the iPhone 5

Today in San Francisco at the scene the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller), Apple’s vice president of marketing, presented the new generation of the iPhone. Acquired the name of the product expected iPhone 5.
The first thing that drew the attention of Phil Schiller, – smaller novelty in comparison to its predecessor. iPhone 5 to 18% thinner (thickness – 7.6 mm) and 20% lighter (weight – 112 grams) than the iPhone 4S. It is noted that the unit is made only of glass and aluminum. Continue reading Apple introduced the iPhone 5

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Apple iPhone nano – cell phone on hand

Modern smartphones are becoming too powerful, now they are something more than a means of communication, and not everyone needs such unbridled power. Designer Olivier Demanzhel (Olivier Demangel) has cut off all excess and keep only necessary for communication with the outside world. All available means. His idea of ​​the author embodied in the concept of iPhone nano. Continue reading Apple iPhone nano – cell phone on hand

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Apple iPhone 5 will show the world in August

People all over the world can be roughly classified into two categories – yablokofilam and yablokofobam. The first soul is not in production chayut of Apple, and the latter hate it with every fiber of his soul, and believe that it has no place in today’s world. However, those and others are eagerly awaiting the announcement of your iPhone 5, which, as it became known today, could take place in the first half of August. According to preliminary data, the announcement is scheduled for August 7, although initially the device was to be presented at a conference in June WWDC.
Continue reading Apple iPhone 5 will show the world in August

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The New Apple iPhone G4

The iPhone G4 will feature a 5 megapixel camera with a backside-illuminated sensor, which Jobs says increases the amount of light captured by the sensor, resulting in better photographs, particularly in low-light situations.

The camera will also record HD video at 720p resolution and 30 frames per second, and the LED flash can be used to light video as well. Like the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone G4 will feature in-phone video editing and enable users to share video the the Internet (think Facebook and YouTube). Continue reading The New Apple iPhone G4

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