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Apple company patent demonstrates wraparound screen on iphone

Apple company offers registered the obvious which often shows a whole new iphone design flashing the wraparound AMOLED display screen, the unit is apparently comparable inside design for the last era ipod device Nano.

The initial aspect of the unit on the other hand is that the display screen is usually ‘unrolled’ as well as ‘unfolded’ because of the hinge as well as unfolding mechanism allowing your display screen region to get virtually bending in dimensions.

With the display screen engineering Apple offers included numerous advanced technology which includes facial-recognition, gesture command and the layering associated with window screens to produce a three dimensional exhibit. Continue reading Apple company patent demonstrates wraparound screen on iphone

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Apple revisions Find My Friends together with completely new UI

Many of us have not observed several changes to help Apple’s location-based Uncover My Buddies software because it debuted in iOS 5 greater than a year before. Cupertino will need to have noticed it can be time period to have an revise; this company merely overhauled the actual element to include a new USER INTERFACE and much more appropriate location-based notifies.

The software will today allow you to define the length from the area for obtaining signals – so you can get a new ping if a friend arrives at the actual campus stockpile rather than the dorms, in particular.

The renovated software in addition simplifies the actual notification process to suit on a single webpage, along with alternatives to receive notifies once your friends get to or depart a certain position, together with controls for notifying some others according to your neighborhood. The revise can be found today for users running iOS 6. 1 or afterwards. Continue reading Apple revisions Find My Friends together with completely new UI

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Apple buys WiFiSLAM, mapping specialist domestic

The Maps application for iOS 6 has seen many avatars, as well as the laughingstock of Google Maps users – and with good reason. Tim Cook even had to apologize for the poor quality of the map data of this new service. But Apple has the means to drastically improve its offer, and if Apple Maps is still not at the level of competition, the service has undergone many improvements since.

This could still work out. Apple has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal the acquisition of sapling WiFiSLAM, created two years ago by a former Google engineer. This redemption, up to 20 million dollars (a straw to Cupertino) suggests that the manufacturer intends to add a string to the bow of his location application. Continue reading Apple buys WiFiSLAM, mapping specialist domestic

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Mountain Lion exceeds three million downloads in a few days

Apple today announced that downloads of Mountain Lion OS X had surpassed three million in four days, making it the OS X version of the most popular in the history of Apple! As a reminder, this ninth major update to the operating system of Apple Computer flagship offering for 15.99 euros (through the Mac App Store) offers more than 200 new features.

After the very successful launch of Lion there just a year, users have downloaded more than three Mountain Lion million times in just four days, making it the most popular version, said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing for Apple.

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MacBook Air comes with retina display, possibly in the third quarter

MacBook Air
Since the publishing of the 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display there are always rumors about when because finally the MacBook Air also a retina display receives. After the 13-inch already has gotten with the retina display MacBook Pro now some time ago is so slow even the air in the series. Now, there are new rumors that the chic notebook should receive a corresponding update in the third quarter.

This refers to 11 and the 13-inch model. You should also switch then platform from Apple on the Intel HASWELL, so that the notebooks at the same time get more power to fuel the display at all. Also, a lot has happened in battery cell technology the MacBook in the past Continue reading MacBook Air comes with retina display, possibly in the third quarter

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Concept Apple iWatch: watch and bracelet

Apple iWatch
Rumors about future Apple products would not be so interesting if we were not seasoned portion of tasty concepts. iWatch is no exception.

His vision of a wristwatch Apple showed designer named Esben Okskholm. According to the authors, wristlet watch iWatch repeat the design of the iPhone 5 and the philosophy of the company Apple. Black aluminum strap (on the inner surface of a thin layer of soft rubber), curved glass display and easily recognizable physical button Home – a product of minimalism. Continue reading Concept Apple iWatch: watch and bracelet

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Apple lost 8.1% market share in Tablet PCs

Apple Tablet PCs
Despite the fact that the Apple iPad is still the most popular tablet computer in the world, continues to steadily lose market share. Thus, according to experts iDC, for the fourth quarter iPad market share declined by 8.1% compared to the same period of 2011. The volume of deliveries rose by half, from 15.1 million to 22.9 million, but the total share with decreased from 51.7% to 43.6%.

Of course, almost all of the lost Apple “picked” the company Samsung, which is very immodest increased its share from 7.3% to 15.1%, while the supply has increased from 2.2 million to 7.9 million is not an understatement and the company ASUS, which also fortunate to become the official partner of Google, as a result of the Taiwanese manufacturer has increased its share from 2% to 600 thousand tablets set to 5.8% and 3.1 million tablets set for the fourth quarter of last year. Continue reading Apple lost 8.1% market share in Tablet PCs

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Apple Mac Pro is from 1 March EU not far sold

Apple Mac Pro
From 1 March altered by the EU regulation IEC 60950-1 safety requirements for electronic devices. The Mac Pro meets these requirements, details are not yet known. Apparently, the product line for Apple zumnidest, in the European market, not profitable enough to the Mac Pro immediately adapt to the new standards. He, however, we at EU territory simply no longer sold. Intermediaries can the Mac Pro until 18 February ordered from Apple. Outside the EU will not change.

Apple focused lately on the very mobile division, but already announced before einger time to get a new Mac Pro later this year on the worldwide market. As it is, it is more practical for Apple to implement Continue reading Apple Mac Pro is from 1 March EU not far sold

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Samsung copied the design of Apple

Samsung Vs Apple
This is probably one of the few cases where ignorance of the law is partially exempted from liability. Judge Lucy Koh issued a verdict in the case of Samsung – Apple, from which it became clear that the South Korean company of violating patents of Cupertino unintentionally. Humanity is either nonsense – you decide.

Recall that in August last year, a jury ruled in favor of the “apple” of the company, Samsung pleaded guilty and awarded compensation of 1.05 billion dollars. Of course, the South Korean company has filed an appeal. It is now known that Koch is not only rejected the decision of the jury that the Apple patent infringement was intentional, but also Samsung motion for a new trial. Continue reading Samsung copied the design of Apple

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Apple iPad 4 will increase the memory up to 128 GB

Apple iPad 4
Apple is preparing to launch iPad on sale 4 Retina display and memory for 128 gigabytes. New design and maintain will complement the existing line of the fourth-generation iPad. Housing color options and wireless connectivity will remain the same, the sources said 9to5Mac, who wished to remain anonymous.

Price has not been announced, but the 4128 GB iPad is described as a “premium version”, which will refresh range of tablet computers with built-in memory options of 16, 32 and 64 GB. According to one insider of the largest U.S. retailers, the new tablet has a mark «Ultimate», which means the most functional edition iPad. Continue reading Apple iPad 4 will increase the memory up to 128 GB

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Apple revenue in one quarter was 54.5 billion dollars

Following AMD and Google, released this week reports for the next quarter, it is made ​​by Apple.

Unlike AMD, and Google, Apple in the quarter ended December 29, 2012 and it was the first quarter of 2013 fiscal year.
This quarter was a record for the company. Apple Earnings for the first time in three months reached 54.5 billion dollars. Net income for the same period amounted to $ 13.1 billion.

Interestingly, the company’s revenue last year was much lower – 46.3 billion, but net income then too was 13.1 billion dollars. Accordingly, the profitability index fell from 44.7% to 38.6%.

In its report, the manufacturer said that sales outside the U.S. provided 61% of the quarter’s revenue. Continue reading Apple revenue in one quarter was 54.5 billion dollars

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Apple reportedly halved the display orders for the iPhone 5

Britain Christmas Shopping
A number of media was to read today that Apple has reduced orders for the iPhone 5 display with suppliers drastically by half. Explained that was mostly with the alleged bad Vekaufszahlen the latest iPhones. Apple is not commenting on the rumors as usual.

But this is at all true? bgr.com expects and finds some of the contradictions. So reports the original source of this information, the Japanese business daily Nikkei that 65 million iPhone were ordered 5 displays for the sales are traditionally weak quarter of 2013 / I. That makes no sense, because realistic forecasts for the first quarter predicted only up to 35 million iPhones sold. In addition, Apple used for the iPod touch, the display of the same in the Nikkei, however, are not mentioned. Instead, it is written explicitly by the iPhone 5. Continue reading Apple reportedly halved the display orders for the iPhone 5

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ClamCase Pro transforms the iPad into a sort of MacBook Air

ClamCase Pro transforms the iPad into a sort of MacBook Air
In May 2010, the company introduced the same name ClamSase product, which is a case-keyboard for the tablet iPad. Recently, the range of the manufacturer had this model – ClamCase Pro.

Keyboard, built-in ClamCase Pro, connected to the tablet interface for Bluetooth. One charge the internal battery lasts for 100 hours of continuous operation keyboard. Case of aluminum and plastic provides automatic switching on and off every time the tablet is opened and closed. His appearance blends well with the look of the tablet and other products Apple. Continue reading ClamCase Pro transforms the iPad into a sort of MacBook Air

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