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Shooter Battlefield 4 is officially

To silence the rumors while a little more titillating curiosity of players, this is what were the objectives of DICE inviting us in this beautiful country of Sweden to present the Battlefield 4.

Frankly, most of the information that we had on the new FPS from Sweden were found in the extract above, online since all Internets this morning. The prologue of Battlefield 4, long 17 minutes, we watched yesterday evening in a theater with a big screen and a size XXL. The pictures speak for themselves, the Frostbite Engine 3 worked wonders, and there is no doubt that Battlefield 4 is visually impressive.

This new engine DICE owner is able to develop both small details (movements and animations of the characters, their skin texture, facial expressions, etc..) Large areas (visual depth of field for example, is quite incredible). Wind particles after an explosion, clouds of smoke lifelike, lights … It is without fault, any statement by staging highly polished. Continue reading Shooter Battlefield 4 is officially

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