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Xbox One: a first idea of ​​the line-up

Before the conference last night, the titles of some games that are coming out on the new console from Microsoft was known. Ubisoft, for example, was among the first publishers to display its willingness to develop it. Here is the list of games officially planned as going out on Xbox One.

We will update this list as and when the ads will eventually take place in the coming days. Continue reading Xbox One: a first idea of ​​the line-up

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Activision Blizzard attacked for patent infringement

Activision Blizzard attacked for patent infringement, Worlds Inc. in August 2000 filed a patent on the interaction between players in a virtual world. Having obtained this patent exclusivity in 2007, World Inc. Activision Blizzard now attack for patent infringement, specifically addressing the games World of Warcraft and Call of Duty.
This patent, very vague, was allegedly raped by, among other things, these two games that use virtual worlds. Blur, the patent is only a vague idea for a project that would be the basis for many multiplayer virtual worlds. Judge for yourself the content of the patent of World inc.
The present invention provides a highly scalable architecture for a system of virtual world interactive three-dimensional graphical, multi-user. In a preferred embodiment, a plurality of users interact in space three dimensional graphic, computer generated, where each user executes a client process to view a virtual world from the perspective of the user. The virtual world shows avatars representing the other users who are neighbors of the user who watches the virtual world. For this to be updated to reflect the movements of the avatars of remote users, information is transmitted to a central server process which provides positions updates to client processes for neighbors of the user. The client process also uses an environment database to determine which background objects to draw and to limit the movements of the avatar of the user.
The fact is that virtual worlds multiplayer does not exist until 2000, and many virtual worlds have emerged prior to the filing of this patent. World Inc.. Nc Soft had already attacked in 2008 for his play City of Heroes, a settlement was then found.
One can then wonder whether World Inc. may attack all games offering multiplayer virtual worlds, in this case, there would be money to be made. But one wonders especially the legitimacy of such a patent. Many games already using multiplayer worlds before the filing of the patent have never filed, saying surely the idea is too generic to be attarder.Comme this is usually done in the world of high-tech, a regulation to amicably will surely be found

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