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Xbox One: a first idea of ​​the line-up

Before the conference last night, the titles of some games that are coming out on the new console from Microsoft was known. Ubisoft, for example, was among the first publishers to display its willingness to develop it. Here is the list of games officially planned as going out on Xbox One.

We will update this list as and when the ads will eventually take place in the coming days. Continue reading Xbox One: a first idea of ​​the line-up

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Dungeon Hunter 4 Trailer home Released (Video)

A month or more ago Gameloft announced which they would be releasing the following installment in their Dungeon Rogue series, with Dungeon Hunter 4 and now they have released their first trailer with the game.

“A new chapter within the iconic saga awaits, using a return to dungeon running, a new story, more RPG functions, special FX, & a lot more! ”

There are no details to date on exactly while Dungeon Hunter is going to be available, as soon even as get some details we will let you guys know, it looks pretty cool from the video. Continue reading Dungeon Hunter 4 Trailer home Released (Video)

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Final trailer: Metal gear rising: Revengeance in the Kojima-cut (video)

Final trailer Kojima
The release of metal gear rising: Revengeance has it can not take metal gear creator Hideo Kojima, cut together an own trailer, what probably worked despite gaming sickness. He is plenty long with just under seven minutes and has also a bad pathetic soundtrack in addition to any amount of Schwertschwingerei.

From tomorrow “metal gear rising: Revengeance” to have in its uncut form 18. Video after the break. Continue reading Final trailer: Metal gear rising: Revengeance in the Kojima-cut (video)

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Wikipad in miniature 7-inch gaming tablet, version 10.1-inch come a little later

Wikipad in miniature 7-inch gaming tablet, version 10
Long ago the Wikipad not sticking around here with the excuse of being subject to some changes to provide improvements in performance, which is no longer expected that after these adjustments very last hour the unit was presented with a screen something more trimmed. So, our hero returns to the limelight with the much in vogue 7-inch panel and a promise that it will start selling from this spring for a price of $ 249 (about 183 euros to change). According to its creators, it is a device for something smaller and manageable, but no less powerful, because it keeps your heart Tegra 3, 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, Flash memory 16, a resolution of 1,280 x 800 and a camera two-megapixel front.

Fraser Townley, his sales manager, acknowledged that there will be no surprises in terms of design. Without going too far in its first test, made ​​everyone close your eyes to feel much better controls because if focus is primarily the sensations it offers, not their appearance (obviously solved this issue once, and took care to leave nice), and this is how we have reached to opt for its 10-inch brother. Continue reading Wikipad in miniature 7-inch gaming tablet, version 10.1-inch come a little later

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Test – LEGO Lord of the Rings

Test - LEGO Lord of the Rings
LEGO Lord of the Rings, Warner Bros. Games the output of the Hobbit film and the renewed interest in Middle-earth that the new Peter Jackson film causes the public. But the latest in the series of LEGO moviegoers is not resting on its leaves Lothlorien by simply surfing the success of the franchise: he took the opportunity to provide a valuable facelift.

After many games labeled “Lord of the Rings”, Telltale Games was still vibrating string nostalgic fans without tiring. They decided to play the game thoroughly and make their game a true declaration of love to the fans, while maintaining grip simplissime own the series. Their stated goal: to gather around the console kids who discover Continue reading Test – LEGO Lord of the Rings

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Angry Birds Star Wars also in Windows Store

Angry Birds Star Wars, the newest edition of the cult game series from Rovio also landed eight. The title is already available in the Windows Store for Windows 8 and RT.

Yesterday was a premiere of Angry Birds for Android, iOS and Windows Phone eighth Today, in turn, the title also available for tablets with Windows 8 and Windows RT, or new windows for the ARM architecture. The game is priced at $ 4.99 and can be purchased at this address. Continue reading Angry Birds Star Wars also in Windows Store

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Allegro 3.3.0 Application in the App Store. What’s new?

The resources of the App Store will find a new application for iGadżetów Allegro with number 3.3.0. At this time prepared for us the owner of the popular auction site?

Allegro 3.3.0 for iOS devices debuts with the following innovations and improvements:
– Search the cover picture. Take a picture of the cover subject, and get approximate results. You can search for items in categories: Movies, Games, Books, Music Continue reading Allegro 3.3.0 Application in the App Store. What’s new?

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Avatar the new game Motocross Madness Microsoft Studios

New Game Motocross by Xbox 360, A few days of a formal presentation with great fanfare at E3 some games fuitent unfortunately. Worse, some games whose name should be unveiled at the show are already known by simply looking at the name leakées images. A textbook case in which the new Microsoft Game Studios is no exception with the first two pictures of Avatar Motocross Madness leakées on NeoGAF forums.
It is neither more nor less than the return of the license Motocross Madness released on PC in 1998 to the sauce avatar, the virtual characters of the 360, not the film by James Cameron.

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