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Garmin nuvi 3590LMT responds to voice

Masthead Navigator Garmin nuvi 3590LMT, recently introduced by Navicom, users will appreciate the large screen diagonal of 5 inches, graceful performance and the ability to respond to voice commands.

Enhanced Voice Commands allow you to control navigation, not being distracted from driving. In particular, we can dictate the address, find points of interest, change the settings or enable additional features of this device. Additional speaker, built-in browser on the mount windshield of the car increases the volume and clarity of voice prompts to help you navigate and do not miss a turn.
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Garmin announced the Fenix ​​watches for extreme and tourists

Market GPS-devices greatly reduced due to the dominance of smartphones and tablets, but it still exists, because these devices can be replaced, not all GPS-devices, and this is an obvious fact. For example, many tourists and extreme often require multi-functional, but the compact gadget, which for safety in bad weather and other negative externalities can not worry. Communicators and the plates are out of work, but the GPS-clock, on the contrary, are ideal. The company Garmin, a leader in navigation devices, is proud to watch Fenix ​​with integrated GPS-receiver and other goodies.
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