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Google Glass Going To Get Android KitKat

Google is preparing to release a major update to abandon Glass and frequent release of software improvements. Soon digital Points Google get the latest version of the operating system Android – KitKat. This platform has been running a series of flagship smartphones , presented at the recent Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. Continue reading Google Glass Going To Get Android KitKat

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Google focuses its efforts on the design of Glass and find something that people want to take

Google design of Glass
Many glasses and much technological advancement, but at the moment of truth … Would you wear daily a Glass to go outside? That is precisely what now seems to be taking away the dream to the Google guys who walk worried about the fact that no matter how full they are his glasses, people will not pay that cost money are then not taking them by the street. At least this is what they said unnamed sources told The New York Times, where publication notes that the Mountain View company goes negotiating with the seller of Warby Parker glasses online, to help you design a more livable and attractive to view.

Both Google and Warby Parker has refused to comment on that, but certainly bring this information back to the innovator product in the spotlight. What do you think of the Glass of Google Continue reading Google focuses its efforts on the design of Glass and find something that people want to take

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Video shows Google Glass even more voice control integrated user interface of data glasses

Video shows Google Glass
Google’s data glasses glass should come in a year in regular trading, what seems even times realistic given the apparent improvements. Just Google has betrayed new details about the user interface, in the appropriate video language messages handled each written and sent, Web searches completed and there photos taken, also seems to be now also real-time translations of the glasses.

Google allows US fans of data glasses just in a contest of beta testers to be – and at its own expense, the “winners” have to fork out at least $1500 for their copy of the developer. Video after the break. Continue reading Video shows Google Glass even more voice control integrated user interface of data glasses

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Pioneers with vision glasses: Glass Photos from Google Hackathon

Glass Google Hackathon
Google gathered recently a few owners of the Google Glass-special version “Project Glass Explorer Edition” in two hackathons: The lucky chosen ones were doing in San Francisco and New York for teams and developed there, eighty new uses for augmented reality glasses (the can try and sundry probably not until next year). Who’d show off something a Glasdingsi received with the inscription “Pioneer”, and for eight winning teams Google will assume the costs of their Glass Explorer Edition.

What the teams einheimsten the price? No idea, because everything is top secret, the API anyway. Another photo of bespectacled pioneers follow after the break and Continue reading Pioneers with vision glasses: Glass Photos from Google Hackathon

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Google reportedly opened this year its own retail stores

Google stores
Apple has demonstrated how one reaps proud about chic shops gains and strengthen a brand. Since it is not surprising to say that, according to Microsoft 9to5google now Google wants to open their own shops. Towards the end of this year in major U.S. cities, the first flagship store opened its doors and offer customers before buying the opportunity to test devices for the Nexus line or Chromebooks also. Previously, such an option sparingly because many Google products are distributed exclusively through the Web.

Impetus for this decision, the report says were considerations for the marketing and sale of Google Glass: The data eyeglasses will not come cheap – the Explorer Edition prototype cost $ 1,500 – so that many shy away from a purchase without test option or only through Continue reading Google reportedly opened this year its own retail stores

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More on Google Glass

More on Google Glass
This weekend, the developers have put their hands on the Google Glass Mountain View company. They were also able to meet the developers of Google to learn more about the machine and start thinking about applications. But the most interesting for us is the few features of the device have leaked during the weekend.

Thus we learn that the glasses have unsurprisingly future of Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g. Another function, Bluetooth 4.0, which is not surprising in his presence. But the most interesting feature is its dissemination via bone conduction. This means that the sound will be transmitted by vibration, so you can hear it clearly even with the noise around and without disturbing the people around you. Continue reading More on Google Glass

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Canon also has its high-tech glasses

All manufacturers are starting to unveil their plans for high-tech glasses after the presentation of the Google Glass Mountain View company. According to Olympus, which Canon is launched into the adventure with his glasses in augmented reality.

These glasses, more imposing than its competitors, are primarily intended for professional use. Using a 3D camera and a prism “free curve”, these glasses can show that virtual objects do not exist. In the following video, the demonstrators are using to simulate the creation of a vehicle. Glasses that could ultimately prove very useful to manufacturers to see their creations.

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Glass for all the Google in 2014

Sergey Brin announced yesterday in an interview that Google’s Glass should be available to all in 2014. As a reminder, Explorer Editions version for developers and that still costs 1,500$ for its part will be available early 2013. Brin also benefited from Google I / O to reveal a pair of sunglasses is also equipped with Google Glass!

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