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Wrong Turn, or How “curve” GPS LED

Ever heard the horror stories about GPS-navigator? Not those that “went right, and then a dead end” and the very real and very tragic unusual situations? One of the last of these situations is the story of an elderly woman who drove nearly 1,500 miles in the wrong direction. But now we are not talking about it, and about one in which due to the “crooked» GPS killed a man.

Friends of the deceased Rodrigo Diaz told that set his car GPS-navigator showed not the address of the house. As a result, a man came to the wrong address, where he lived Seylors Phillip, 69-year-old pensioner who thought fearing that his house is going to get a thief. In America, all on the basis of “my house – my fortress” a fad. As a result Seylors let a few bullets, one of which came to mind Diaz. According to the story of friends of the deceased, they immediately came to leave, when the first shot, but unfortunately the second shot did find their prey. Continue reading Wrong Turn, or How “curve” GPS LED

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