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The ideal cooler for compact chassis

To place in a compact 140 mm fan, sometimes have pretty sweat. But not with the new Thermalright AXP-100, which the company recently introduced. New product is ideal for installation in the most compact HTPC case.

The thickness of the cooler – only 58 mm. And this is taking into account the established high-performance fan TY-100. Take all the world’s thinnest computer case and cooler as the manufacturer says, it will fit in with no problems.

As it turns out, many people who choose HTPC also love to collect them yourself instead of buying a ready-made solution, so this cooler is an ideal substitute for the standard and noisy turntable. Continue reading The ideal cooler for compact chassis

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USB-driver Apacer AH 153 and AH137

Assortment of “flash drives” of the company Apacer replenished with two models – AH153 and AH137. Both new products are characterized by the same performance – the outer edges of the body and the cap expands, and the interior, on the contrary, are thawing – this, together with a green or yellow body does drive like a bamboo stalk. The manufacturer believes that this form is not only ergonomic, but also prevents accidental loss of the cap.

Being identical in appearance, drives are coloring (Apacer AH153 – green, AH137 – yellow) connection interface (Apacer AH153 supports USB 3.0, and AH137 is only compatible with USB 2.0) and memory (Apacer AH153 – from 16 to 64 GB Continue reading USB-driver Apacer AH 153 and AH137

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