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Americans invented the high-tech lock For Mobile Phone Users

Lockitron: The High-Tech Lock For Mobile Phone Users, Smartphone – is a versatile tool with which you can do dozens of things, and soon to be added, and another interesting feature: in the U.S. have come up with lock controlled remotely in the same smartphone.

The new device was called Lockitron. The only requirement for it to work, is a network of Wi-Fi in the room where the lock is installed. Lockitron mounted on the rotary latch after unlock / lock Continue reading Americans invented the high-tech lock For Mobile Phone Users

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Panasonic will create its own system of smart home

Following Google and IBM, Panasonic is going to create its own system of energy supply for “smart homes.” It is named SMARTHEMS and will control the power consumption in the home, in order to make it more efficient.

SMARTHEMS system based on a combination of home energy-efficient equipment in a network. In the near future Panasonic will start producing home appliances that are compatible with the system SMARTHEMS. These will include air conditioning, a different technique for the kitchen and hot water systems in a series of EcoCute. Continue reading Panasonic will create its own system of smart home

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KaguDroid a printer beer Android

ATRCW Paul embarked on the design of a craft beer Android printer (some of you have eyes that shine).
Taking the form of Bugdroid, it has a system Arduino and a tablet Xoom (running ICS) that allows you to select the beer and the quantity you want.
To interact with this charming shooter named Betsy, note that you must above all ensure you bring a NFC chip that will handle your credits. Demo video after the jump! And do not forget to thank Joefrais for the info.

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Sofa Sega Master System

Subby-Kun is a blogger in ecstasy since his beloved Subbinette embarked on the implementation of a Master System sofa cushions with his “joypad”. Made entirely by hand and displayed in the playroom of Subby-Kun, we invite you to discover a series of images of “work” in the sequel.

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