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Kaer & Splann: control your lighting LED in Bluetooth

control lighting LED in Bluetooth
What could be more pleasant than a flexible lighting to embellish your space? The French firm Kaer & Splann (“beautiful and luminous” into Breton) recently contacted us to inform us of their last solutions of lighting top-of-the-range LED equipped with a sensitive remote control allowing you to control the whole of your lights of the end of the fingers or in Bluetooth via your shelf or smartphone using a free application.

Mural bracket, desk lamp, lamp of table, standard lamp or suspension, the firm based in Limoges have a wide selection of lighting out of brushed stainless, porcelain and acrylic glass, going from 550 to 2160 lumens for an optimized energy consumption.
More on the characteristics of their products, consult simply their catalogue. Continue reading Kaer & Splann: control your lighting LED in Bluetooth

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Grillbots are the Roombas for the grill

Okay, the barbecue season now not just is imminent, but, the hygiene you can Yes never too early start with hey and clean the grill is not necessarily fun. Developed by the ex-broker of Ethan Woods, who wanted to get himself dirty fingers, schubbert Grillbot with its three engines and independent steel brush and if necessary timergesteuert on the grill and scrubs blitz-blank away all residue from cooking.

Should mid-June from 69 dollars in four colours be to have. Continue reading Grillbots are the Roombas for the grill

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