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Apple buys WiFiSLAM, mapping specialist domestic

The Maps application for iOS 6 has seen many avatars, as well as the laughingstock of Google Maps users – and with good reason. Tim Cook even had to apologize for the poor quality of the map data of this new service. But Apple has the means to drastically improve its offer, and if Apple Maps is still not at the level of competition, the service has undergone many improvements since.

This could still work out. Apple has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal the acquisition of sapling WiFiSLAM, created two years ago by a former Google engineer. This redemption, up to 20 million dollars (a straw to Cupertino) suggests that the manufacturer intends to add a string to the bow of his location application. Continue reading Apple buys WiFiSLAM, mapping specialist domestic

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iOS 7 Apple – our wishlist

For a few weeks we can enjoy the software iOS 6 on iGadżetach. But Apple accustomed us to share the new version of the iUrządzeń at about a year. Perhaps soon the network will appear first rumors about iOS 7, and the system will be officially unveiled certainty in June at WWDC, and put in the form of an upgrade in the autumn of 2013. We do not know at the moment what exactly Apple is preparing designed for this version of the software, but its proposals are five features that we’d seen in the new iOS. Here they are!

Support user accounts
Let’s face it, but the iPad is indeed designed for a single user, but uses iOS tablet every day with us a few people in the house, right? Continue reading iOS 7 Apple – our wishlist

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Motorola also troll iOS Maps

According to Samsung, Nokia, now is Motorola Mobility (Google) just troll on iOS Maps! Indeed, on his Twitter account, the American manufacturer has launched

Obviously this tweet is followed by a beautiful visual here … As a reminder, since its release on iOS 6, Maps made ​​in Apple never stops getting mock on the web by its competitors, who this time n ‘not entirely wrong. But as Apple said yesterday, Continue reading Motorola also troll iOS Maps

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iPod Nano and iPod Touch – everything you need to know

iPod Nano and iPod Touch nd everything you need to know
Yesterday, Apple held its keynote and introduced a new iPhone model, the iPhone 5. But at the same time, the Cupertino company has unveiled two new iPod models: iPod Nano 7th generation and the new iPod touch. These two new iPod are the spearhead of Apple at the music. After selling its 350 million players since 2001, Apple does not stop there. Here’s everything you need to know about the new iPod released yesterday:

iPod Nano:

The iPod adopts a new look for the new generation, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Nokia Lumia. With its 2.5-inch multitouch LCD with a resolution of 240 x 432 (202 ppi), iPod nano is a little larger than its predecessor, but still retains a size small enough. Continue reading iPod Nano and iPod Touch – everything you need to know

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iPhone 5 : decorating at Yerba Buena Center shows elongated Apps

In just three days, Apple will hold this year’s iPhone event in Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The erwartungserweckende invitation with the slogan “It’s almost here” and the number five in the shade zusehende are considered strong evidence for the presentation of the iPhone 5 There have been some speculation that the significance of the number in the invitation and now new evidence in the decoration of the venue have surfaced that drive again the rumors of a larger iPhone display.

The colorful background is appropriate for some days at the front entrance of the Yerba Buena Center and apparently contained the colored stripes, a reference to the new iPhone. Continue reading iPhone 5 : decorating at Yerba Buena Center shows elongated Apps

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Apple declined from YouTube in iOS 6

Resource TechRadar reports are not the good news: YouTube video sharing application will not be pre-installed on mobile devices by Apple, working on the planned release of the platform iOS 6. The program is not in the latest test version of iOS 6, despite the fact that the program was included in all previous versions of mobile operating system, Apple, starting with the first version, released in 2007.

Representatives of the company Apple has confirmed the publication of The Verge, that the YouTube app in iOS 6 by default will not be. Continue reading Apple declined from YouTube in iOS 6

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Full details on iOS 6 coming this fall

Apple also introduced a preview iOS 6 during his keynote a few hours ago. This new version of the mobile OS from Cupertino has over 200 new features! iOS 6 is already available in beta (SDK) for developers and will be released to the public this fall as a free software update for users of iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, the new iPad The iPad 2 and iPod touch (fourth generation).The main new iOS 6 are:- A brand new app Maps, exit Google Maps, with map data designed by Apple, navigation step by step, the real-time traffic and Flyover, a new aerial view quite spectacular photorealistic 3D.
Note also the proximity search which allows access to information on 100 million businesses, with information sheets that include rankings, reviews, bargains and photos of Yelp.
– Siri new features including support for new languages, with easy access to sports scores, recommendations of restaurants and cinema. Siri is also now available for the new iPad. In addition, Siri enhances hands-free operation with the new mode without eyes (Eyes Free) which can interact with your iPhone using your voice only.
– Facebook integration in Contacts and Calendar, with the ability to publish directly from Notification Center, Siri and other compatible apps like Photos, Safari and Maps. Information from your Facebook friends are updated on all your devices iOS, whether their contact information in Contacts, or appointments and birthdays in Calendar. You can also say “I love” from the App Store and iTunes, and see what your friends advise.- Shared Streams Photo: photo slideshows with linking shared via icloud. You and your family can then say “like” and comment on any photo to a shared album.
– Passbook: an application to centralize all tickets, vouchers. Passbook allows you to scan your iPhone or iPod touch to use a coupon, enter a concert hall or register at the hotel. Passbook automatically displays your tickets on your lock screen according to a schedule or a particular place.
– Guided Access: this new feature of IOS 6 allows a parent, teacher or an administrator to disable the hardware buttons to block an IOS device on a single app, which can be particularly useful when testing or to help a person with disabilities to focus on learning. Guided Access also helps to limit interaction to touch certain parts of the screen.
– New features in mobile Safari as tabs icloud, playlists offline, uploading photos and full screen.- FaceTime calls are now supported on mobile networks.
– A “VIP Mailbox” so that you can create faster access to messages from important people that you designate as VIP.
– The possibility to reject incoming calls with a quick message, and set a reminder to activate a new Do Not Disturb.
– A set of enhancements and services specially designed for iOS users in China, including improved text input and the integration of Chinese popular services, including Baidu, Sina Weibo, Youku and Tudou.

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