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Apple iPad Pro 9.7

Apple iPad Pro 9
With rumors, it was not known if Apple would offer a new iPad Air or not. now it is realized, the US firm seems to have gone the way of no longer offer products “Air”. We know that the MacBook Air will not resist very long the new MacBook that come in addition, be updated very recently. Continue reading Apple iPad Pro 9.7

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Apple iCamera: concept breathable Camera

News_65_Apple iCamera
Apple is one of the first to market with a digital camera, but at the time of its specifications were extremely modest, and the high demand for the product did not take place. Continue reading Apple iCamera: concept breathable Camera

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LIMBO available on iOS

Playdead today announced the release of LIMBO on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. LIMBO is a puzzle game action adventure oriented, created by Arnt Jensen, he debuted on consoles in 2010 and has since been awarded with more than 100 awards worldwide. Continue reading LIMBO available on iOS

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Modern Combat 5 – E5 Trailer For iOS and Android

android-ios-Modern Combat 5 - E5 Trailer
After Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Gameloft unveils first trailer for their upcoming fifth album and Modern Combat 5 during E3 2013 .

At the appointment, we can rediscover the city of Venice, the famous “city of Venice” for the opportunity to be fully remaquillée 3D. Continue reading Modern Combat 5 – E5 Trailer For iOS and Android

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Bluetooth Grill-Thermometer with iOS and Android App

Bluetooth Grill-Thermometer with iOS and Android App
Who throws often times with family or friends for a steak on the grill, which is the familiar problem: It is never achieved the perfect Chill the steak, so it is either already on the shoe sole or still raw. Of course, there are several commercial standards thermometer from the hardware store for us geeks but they are of course too boring. Remedy a Bluetooth thermometer for smartphones and tablets. This comes with an Android and iOS app can display the Chill your flesh on your display.

To do this simply inserts the probe into the meat, makes the transmitter somewhere next to the grill and then connects his phone with this compact device. Continue reading Bluetooth Grill-Thermometer with iOS and Android App

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Search App google Now integration under iOS now with Google

With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google introduced the personal assistant Google Now. This is chosen with Android users rather and informs for example about train departure times or the trip duration until home with the car. Long became gerätselt whether the Google Now comes also on iOS, yesterday afternoon was it then surprisingly so far. Google missed the search App under iOS an update and integrated directly Google Now. It also iOS user can remind one now of impending appointments, flights or a reservation.

How also can under Android Google Now process also language petition under iOS, ask can so that one for example “customs I this weekend an umbrella”? or “who plays in Oblivion with?”. In the attitudes, one yet can select moreover, which information one would like to have represented everyone. These are designated as a “cards”, that one can push like under Android very simply also again away. The search App for iOS is naturally as always free, you find it in Apples App Store. A video of Google Now for iOS gives it in the connection. Continue reading Search App google Now integration under iOS now with Google

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Dush Car Tracker And Dashcam Product Hits Kickstarter

The Dash Car Tracker is a Bluetooth low energy device that plugs into your vehicle and wirelessly transmits data to the companion smartphone application. A new innovative device has been created by Jonathan Cohn called the Dash Car Tracker, which has been designed to enable you to tracker your car and visually see what is going on under bonnet via your iOS or Android device. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Dash project and see it in action.

Whilst you are driving the Dash Car Tracker is constantly reading information from your car’s engine computer and sending it to the Dash Car Tracker App for tracking and analysis. So if you think Dash is something you could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help Dash Car Tracker become a reality You’re then ready to track your first trip and monitor your data. Once you have completed your trip the data can be uploaded to the Drivewithdash. Dash uses Bluetooth low energy technology, which preserves battery life and can run even when the App is minimized”

The Dash Car Tracker project is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production. com website where you can compare your data with other drivers and Dash users. When a new car is detected, Dash will automatically configure a profile with the make, model, and year. “The Dash App (free on iTunes and Google Play) creates a new profile for every car you plug Dash into.

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BMW announces compatibility having four fresh iOS, removable in-car LTE router

Only at that year’s Nyc International Vehicle Show BMW can be expanding it’s portfolio of connected blog simply by four. The organization announced iOS integration with regard to Audible, Glympse, Rhapsody along with TuneIn Airwaves and we all couldn’t assist but swing action by to check on them almost all out.

This integration (which also will work with Connected Minis) involves an up-date to people existing iOS blog. In other words, you’ll not need a passionate BMW software nor second versions of these individual blog. You may use the ones you know and appreciate.

Join us below for a little more information on how that works, and a short look at the business’s in-car LTE router which is also with display. Continue reading BMW announces compatibility having four fresh iOS, removable in-car LTE router

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TeamViewer now easier with touchscreen operated

TeamViewer is a software with which you can pretty much just any PC from anywhere can control. This can be very helpful, if you for example short something must help a friend or but if you by on the road to wants to access his home PC. The software is available now for some time for Android and iOS, the Android version has now fortunately received a major update.

With this update, it should be much easier to use the Windows desktop via touch screen. Namely, it brings a native touch control, so that you now cannot control the PC as if you were sitting before really. Also included the Geesten from Windows 8, so is this now can use on the road. Also the settings menu has been redesigned and there are also adjustments for Android 4.2. The small software as always free there in the Google play store. A video is available in the connection. Continue reading TeamViewer now easier with touchscreen operated

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Texas Instruments brings the calculator the iPad (video)

Texas Instruments
News for Business Calculator by Texas Instruments we have long been a very personal matter, not just since you can do other amazing things with the little boxes, not just colorful. TI-Nspire has just been released for the iPad, but – for whatever reason – initially only in Australia. Count remains numeracy, logo, but would be a little interaction not just the right thing? Boom. TI has at the start.

30 Australian dollars are due several versions, depending on the curriculum, are also available. Since we lack a look if iTunes account for down under the video after the jump twice as much. Continue reading Texas Instruments brings the calculator the iPad (video)

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iOS Google Capture can now also 1080P Video Files under Version 1.1

Google has released the first update to their Youtube Capture app today. Here you can finally not only transmit at 720p but 1080p videos directly on the server. It is still needed, the one holding the recording device with iOS in the past to accommodate. But there is now also possible to improve the sound synchronization. Also, the upload speed will have improved.

Otherwise, there is unfortunately no information on when it also follows a new version for Android and what Google has been corrected in detail. But as long as everything goes smoothly with Google Youtube capture, we must simply continue to keep always on it on the happening of the camera. Continue reading iOS Google Capture can now also 1080P Video Files under Version 1.1

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JamStik – miniature MIDI-guitar, compatible with iPad

JamStik - miniature MIDI-guitar, compatible with iPad
Source found at CES 2013 a very interesting product, which allows the message diluted series of news updates on the computer. It is a miniature MIDI controller in the form of a guitar, created by specialists Zivix.

With this device you can learn and improve skills of playing the guitar using a PC or tablet. Controller is connected to the computer by WiFi. In this case, the delay by the manufacturer, do not exceed 10 ms.

Compared with this tool JamStik much smaller, but this device is capable of much. For example, using an infrared sensor, it detects the frequency vibrato (“tightening” strings). Continue reading JamStik – miniature MIDI-guitar, compatible with iPad

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Mobile Ubuntu: new leader in the market

Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones
As expected, the company has officially announced the Canonical Ubuntu operating system for smartphones. Ubuntu mobile platform is a typical representative of a class of free software based on the Linux kernel, and existing drivers. It does not use a virtual machine Java. , Canonical also announced that Ubuntu Mobile Platform supports the ARM architecture and x86.

Ubuntu platform will be the basis for budget smartphones, and for models higher price segment. A major strength of the mobile OS Ubuntu is multitasking. The user interface has several features that distinguish among mobile Ubuntu OS Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Is to provide special gestures that play a role in navigation. Users can easily manage the four sides of the screen, switching between applications. Continue reading Mobile Ubuntu: new leader in the market

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