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iPad 2 Mini with Retina: production will start in the nearest future

It is quite possible that the Cupertino company will soon start production of second-generation iPad mini, which will be equipped with a Retina display. If this is true, then release the tablet market really can expect around the middle of next year.

The plans to equip the mini iPad 2 Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels you have already mentioned several times, the last due to the extensive service Digitimes report. The question is: when will start mass production of this device, and consequently, Continue reading iPad 2 Mini with Retina: production will start in the nearest future

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Must Have Poker Apps for the IOS

If you have been looking for poker apps for the IOS, then you have quickly realized that most are not even worth the download. Chances are that you already have downloaded Zynga Poker and are ready for something else and maybe something a bit different. As such, we present to you some must have poker themed apps for the IOS.

Poker Drop
Poker Drop is not your typical poker game. It combines elements of both poker and Tetris in a fun and addicting game. Continue reading Must Have Poker Apps for the IOS

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iOS 7 Apple – our wishlist

For a few weeks we can enjoy the software iOS 6 on iGadżetach. But Apple accustomed us to share the new version of the iUrządzeń at about a year. Perhaps soon the network will appear first rumors about iOS 7, and the system will be officially unveiled certainty in June at WWDC, and put in the form of an upgrade in the autumn of 2013. We do not know at the moment what exactly Apple is preparing designed for this version of the software, but its proposals are five features that we’d seen in the new iOS. Here they are!

Support user accounts
Let’s face it, but the iPad is indeed designed for a single user, but uses iOS tablet every day with us a few people in the house, right? Continue reading iOS 7 Apple – our wishlist

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Tumblr iOS: finally a native application – download Tumblr iOS

An update is available for the Tumblr iOS users a new version offering a pleasant browsing fast, but more importantly, completely native application.

The microblogging site, which recently passed the 20 billion page views per month, offers us a new application much more responsive. Program, a new interface for Dashboard with larger photos and more rapid publication. You also have a new layout for the pages of blogs, with the display of avatars and descriptions, as well as a new preview for notifications. In fact, you can now see what tickets were loved reblogués or commented. Continue reading Tumblr iOS: finally a native application – download Tumblr iOS

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Doxie One – miniature scanner for mobile users

First of all, users of mobile devices is addressed novelty which sales company announced Doxie. Shown in the illustration Doxie One device is a scanner. Its dimensions are 26,7 x 4,3 x 5,6 cm, weight – 386

Scanner resolution – 300 dpi. Scanning the pages maximum size (A4 or Letter) unit takes eight seconds. The scanned data is saved to the memory card in the format of JPEG, PNG, or PDF (with the ability to search text – text recognition software performs complete Abbyy). Includes an SD memory card of 2 GB. Continue reading Doxie One – miniature scanner for mobile users

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Allegro 3.3.0 Application in the App Store. What’s new?

The resources of the App Store will find a new application for iGadżetów Allegro with number 3.3.0. At this time prepared for us the owner of the popular auction site?

Allegro 3.3.0 for iOS devices debuts with the following innovations and improvements:
– Search the cover picture. Take a picture of the cover subject, and get approximate results. You can search for items in categories: Movies, Games, Books, Music Continue reading Allegro 3.3.0 Application in the App Store. What’s new?

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Pinterest submitted applications for Android, iPad and iPhone

The creators of the popular service Pinterest, which, we recall, recently opened a free registration, has reported that mobile applications dllya Android, iPad and iPhone. It is reported that an Android app should work on all devices: smartphones and tablets, and different screen resolutions. Is the most functional app for iPad, Enables many features of the tablet from Apple. Continue reading Pinterest submitted applications for Android, iPad and iPhone

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Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 – First network storage company

Even Shuttle, anciently toiling exclusively in the field of miniature PCs, could not resist the temptation of the cloud and went to the market for network storage (NAS) with a series of OMNINAS, debuted with the model KD20.
Nice design should fit well into the interior of your home or small office, a large blue button is responsible for the hot-swappable drives. Aluminum, 2.5 mm thick. All details about the hardware platform is not known, indicated the presence of long-term memory and RAM of 256 MB and 1 GB respectively.
Continue reading Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 – First network storage company

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Apple iPhone 6 – 4.9 inch screen and the HOME button on the side

The new concept of corporate smartphone Apple introduced the designer by the name of Antoine Brieuc (Antoine Brieux), he did not peddle, because before the release of a full fifth iPhone remained only two or three months. Therefore, a new work of French designer called iPhone 6. And if the smartphone of the fifth generation is more or less clear now, the sixth – this is a bold excursion into the future. Continue reading Apple iPhone 6 – 4.9 inch screen and the HOME button on the side

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External Hard Drive Buffalo HDW-P550U3 supports USB 3.0 and WiFi

Buffalo Company today announced the expansion of the range of external hard drive model HDW-P550U3. Novelty is one of the few long drives, a wireless interface supporting Wi-Fi.
The manufacturer does not report performance HDD, hidden inside the HDW-P550U3, known only to the volume – 500 GB. The drive is equipped with a built-in adapter, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and 2860 mAh battery capacity – due to last HDW-P550U3 can operate in standalone mode for 4.5 hours. Continue reading External Hard Drive Buffalo HDW-P550U3 supports USB 3.0 and WiFi

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JVC GC-XA1 an onboard camera and waterproof Wifi

At a time when the cameras have paws on the rise, those at the top of GoPro, JVC wants a piece of cake. This market has become highly competitive in a few months, the manufacturer generalist between the front door with a model of both tight and Wi-Fi.

Waterproof and wireless

First representative of the range “Adixxion”, the “GC-XA1” claims to begin designing a “quad proof”. It is actually waterproof up to 5 m deep, dustproof, resistant to drops from 2 m high and frost-proof, without additional shell, unlike the GoPro.

Despite being one of the few to pick its own viewfinder with those of CAMSPORTS and Drift, it also embeds a Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing not only to frame and then share with a Android smartphone or iOS, but also broadcast live on Ustream website, through a smartphone mode modem for example.

However it is home or GPS or gyro, unlike those of contour or GoBandit example.

An anti-rolling shutter

In terms of the image itself, the “GC-XA1” CMOS sensor has a 5-megapixel Full HD 1080/30p shooting with a function to reduce rolling shutter, the unsightly effect that appears on the plans hectic. The field of view of the lens is unfortunately not release any more than the rechargeable battery life.

Comes with a headband attachment for attaching a mask and helmet sticker or body, the “JVC GC-XA1” in return is in the top tier of cameras paws the most expensive, since it is expected mid-July in France retail price of 377.79 US $.

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Max Payne The most badass cop of the world belongs to iPad

A beautiful autumn day in New York, the birds are singing, the rain falls, Max is a cop normal, linking the arrests of juvenile offenders and aligning badly parked cars. Unfortunately, and unlike the rest of his colleagues for whom the future will continue to consist of donuts in the break room and beatings of demonstrators, the daily Max will be turned upside down: it was brutally killed his wife and baby. Like that for nothing. Nobody knows why, and the worst may be that everyone who cares.
Max Payne is a puzzle game that revolves around the legitimacy of justice and its ability to act, you éplucherez the criminal and civil codes for hours before finding a flaw in the procedures and … no kidding, max is not happy, he takes his shotgun, it activates the bullet-time and he does everything blow up. If you played the game there are about ten years, you know it’s a must-have title on PC, like many games of Rockstar Game. But unlike the GTA who can tire of them by more than one open side, Max Payne is one of the first titles that literally caught thousands of players through a narrative with onions.
It is linear, but follow Max in his madness, level after level, was ten years ago an amazing experience for the player I was. And these gunfights! Max Payne is the first to have given the game a cinematic adding this control of time when the situation degenerated, allowing you to chain kills with more ease while flattering your peepers. So when someone offers me to play again on iPad and for only 2 € 39, the PC player in me shouts “Heretic! You need a keyboard! “But oh well, too bad, the nostalgia has already clicked” Buy “.

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