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The New Logitech iPad 2 Keyboard Case

logitech ipad 2 keyboard case blo
The Logitech iPad 2 Keyboard Case is a great on-the-go companion for your iPad 2 device. A recess just behind the keyboard allows you to use your iPad 2 in either portrait or landscape modes.  Continue reading The New Logitech iPad 2 Keyboard Case

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iPad 2 Mini with Retina: production will start in the nearest future

It is quite possible that the Cupertino company will soon start production of second-generation iPad mini, which will be equipped with a Retina display. If this is true, then release the tablet market really can expect around the middle of next year.

The plans to equip the mini iPad 2 Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels you have already mentioned several times, the last due to the extensive service Digitimes report. The question is: when will start mass production of this device, and consequently, Continue reading iPad 2 Mini with Retina: production will start in the nearest future

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Logitech keyboard starts selling white-caps Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

Range of Logitech added a white version of an accessory for the tablet iPad, which acts as a protective cover and keyboard.

Novelty is the kind of device Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, which was submitted in April, and was available in black. She joins the tablet with a magnetic fastening. Built-in keyboard battery provides up to six months of battery life (provided that it is used by up to two hours per day). The keyboard can be connected to the Apple iPad 2 and iPad. Continue reading Logitech keyboard starts selling white-caps Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

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Loewe Assist Media remote control App for the iPad

Loewe released his iPad application dedicated to its TVs, the Loewe Assist Media App. If you have a Loewe TV, more searching around your remote, your iPhone has enough control your TV.
Thus, you can change the channel, get info on current programs, the TV program checker, record a program, open directly into the favorite channel, in short, the total directly on the tablet. The Loewe Assist Media App is available for free at first

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Amplifier is an elegant way to stimulate the speaker of your iPhone

While the speaker of the iPad is undoubtedly better than the iPhone, it usually ends up completing your battery when running at full speed in a noisy environment. However, if you’re the type to love watching videos and listening to music on your iPhone without using a headset or external speakers, the project on Kickstarter Amplifiear you might be interested.
Basically, the Amplifiear is essentially a small plastic cup that attaches to the back of your iPhone. As shown above, because of the shape and design, Amplifiear can amplify and redirect in your direction, the sound from the loudspeaker of your tablet. The simple design is pretty amazing, and its price is pretty decent, since it will cost you only $ 20. The Amplifiear will be available in a variety of colors: red, green, blue, orange, black or white, and will be compatible with both the iPad, and iPad 2, iPad 3 third generation.

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