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iPhone 5S: The fingerprint sensor in the home button

The iPhone 5S may not be limited to some improvements in performance. The next generation-yet-through of Apple’s smartphone should integrate technology was not expected before the iPhone 6, but the competition grows stronger: it is the fingerprint recognition.

Apple acquired last year specialist AuthenTec biometrics, and to believe a rumor published on the site TechNews Taiwan, the first fruits of this acquisition may well appear from the next iPhone. This technology would allow for example to pass the lock code, or to authorize online transactions. It would then become much more difficult, if not impossible, to impersonate an iPhone user. Continue reading iPhone 5S: The fingerprint sensor in the home button

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Apple reportedly halved the display orders for the iPhone 5

Britain Christmas Shopping
A number of media was to read today that Apple has reduced orders for the iPhone 5 display with suppliers drastically by half. Explained that was mostly with the alleged bad Vekaufszahlen the latest iPhones. Apple is not commenting on the rumors as usual.

But this is at all true? bgr.com expects and finds some of the contradictions. So reports the original source of this information, the Japanese business daily Nikkei that 65 million iPhone were ordered 5 displays for the sales are traditionally weak quarter of 2013 / I. That makes no sense, because realistic forecasts for the first quarter predicted only up to 35 million iPhones sold. In addition, Apple used for the iPod touch, the display of the same in the Nikkei, however, are not mentioned. Instead, it is written explicitly by the iPhone 5. Continue reading Apple reportedly halved the display orders for the iPhone 5

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PAL: What is the highlight of the year ?

After your game of the year, it was the turn of the event with the highest score you pass under the spotlight. 2012 proved rich in twists many and varied, but one of them will necessarily be marked more than others.

We could mention the arrest of two developers of Arma III accused of espionage, the recent bankruptcy of THQ or the end of the babes Eurogame Expo, but we prefer to let you express yourself rather to rank ourselves .

The scandal Foxconn factories where children were making the Wii U or the iPhone 5, the recent controversy atour The War Z or the TGS 2012 mast you may have arrested. Continue reading PAL: What is the highlight of the year ?

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iPhone 5: Finally again snakes in China and Taiwan

On Friday, the iPhone 5 finally. Well in China and Taiwan in the shops, just 3 months and 2 days after the launch for the rest of the world

Balloons, drinks and live music were offered from midnight, but were faced with customers in China before register online and reserve a place in line. It even surpasses the German conception of bureaucracy by far. The iPhone without a contract in China started from proud € 645 (5288 yuan) and Continue reading iPhone 5: Finally again snakes in China and Taiwan

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Personal JBL Speakers for iPhone 5

JBL has introduced its first speaker dock with integrated connector Lightning. Model JBL OnBeat Micro and Venue LT are designed to work with mobile devices Apple, in particular, iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad and iPod touch 4 last generation. For all other devices, provides a traditional USB-port.

JBL OnBeat Micro is an ultra-portable speaker that easily fits in a backpack, purse or briefcase. Drawing on the battery, this device can operate up to 5 hours of play time. Micro can also be recharged via Lightning. Concomitant application OnBeat Micro is used to create playlists, adjust the sound and view album art. Continue reading Personal JBL Speakers for iPhone 5

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Samsung Galaxy S3 4G available in November!

As we had announced a few weeks ago, Samsung has just formalize the 4G version of its Galaxy S3 (our test) would be available in France in the month of November, but no price announced.

This new version, incorporating design black and 2GB of RAM, supports 4G frequency bands 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz for 50Mps throughput when sending files and 100Mps for the reception. Samsung Galaxy S3 is also compatible with 4G network “Dual Carrier” at 42Mps. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S3 4G available in November!

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Apple iPhone 5 sales hit record

A few hours after the mobile operator AT&T announced a record demand for iPhone 5, Apple has published a more accurate figure. Shares tehgiganta suddenly broke the 700-dollar mark.

In a press release the company from Cupertino reported that the number of pre-orders for the sixth generation iPhone exceeded 2 million. A record number of entries were collected in the first 24 hours of admission to pre-sell the smartphone. Continue reading Apple iPhone 5 sales hit record

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Apple introduced the iPhone 5

Today in San Francisco at the scene the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller), Apple’s vice president of marketing, presented the new generation of the iPhone. Acquired the name of the product expected iPhone 5.
The first thing that drew the attention of Phil Schiller, – smaller novelty in comparison to its predecessor. iPhone 5 to 18% thinner (thickness – 7.6 mm) and 20% lighter (weight – 112 grams) than the iPhone 4S. It is noted that the unit is made only of glass and aluminum. Continue reading Apple introduced the iPhone 5

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iPhone 5: Samsung, Apple wants to sue them for LTE

In little more than 34 hours Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 officially. The expectations could not be higher, and it is nothing less than the biggest upgrade in the iPhone history awaits. One of the highlights of the expected global support faster mobile network to LTE standard will represent. The competition and especially Samsung of course this is an eyesore. The South Korean company had in fact only recently suffered a crushing defeat, but already plans to the appropriate counter.

An anonymous Samsung manager has informed divided on Monday over the Korea Times that the South Korean company will take action against the new generation of iPhones, if the device is equipped with a fast LTE. Continue reading iPhone 5: Samsung, Apple wants to sue them for LTE

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iPhone 5 : decorating at Yerba Buena Center shows elongated Apps

In just three days, Apple will hold this year’s iPhone event in Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The erwartungserweckende invitation with the slogan “It’s almost here” and the number five in the shade zusehende are considered strong evidence for the presentation of the iPhone 5 There have been some speculation that the significance of the number in the invitation and now new evidence in the decoration of the venue have surfaced that drive again the rumors of a larger iPhone display.

The colorful background is appropriate for some days at the front entrance of the Yerba Buena Center and apparently contained the colored stripes, a reference to the new iPhone. Continue reading iPhone 5 : decorating at Yerba Buena Center shows elongated Apps

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Apple announces iPhone 5 event for 12th september

Apple has a few minutes before the invitations to the media event on 12 September sent out. The rumors have been circulating for weeks, therefore, true and it is expected that the company from Cupertino, the new-generation iPhone officially on this event presents. This again confirms the shadows in the picture above onlookers, namely that contains a reference to the number 5, and thus on the final name of the Apple smartphone: The iPhone 5

The event takes place this time in the Yerba Center for the Arts in San Francisco and starts at 10 clock time. The theme this year, “it’s almost here” is not and can naturally fade the high expectations in the community. In general, analysts expect the biggest upgrade in the iPhone history. Continue reading Apple announces iPhone 5 event for 12th september

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Nano-SIM – operators are full before the arrival of the iPhone 5

Pending the arrival of the next iPhone model, the European mobile operators are stocks of nano-SIM, the new format approved by ETSI according to the draft presented by Apple.
The choice of project to represent the format nano SIM, ie a SIM card sized compact to take up as little space as possible in mobile terminals for ever and filled with various technologies, has not been any resting.
Continue reading Nano-SIM – operators are full before the arrival of the iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 will appear in September in an innovative housing

Maybe this year we still see the iPhone 5. Taiwanese vendors have reported that the sixth generation smartphones from Apple, we can see in September. According to the resource AppleInsider, the Cupertino-based company is waiting for an exciting September. According iDownloadBlog, Apple has the exclusive right to use the technology Liquidmetal (liquid metal).
But for the moment capacity is not possible to begin to apply the technology. In May this year, one of the inventors of Atakan Peker Liquidmetal said in an interview with Business Insider, that Apple must be at least three to five years to introduce the technology of liquid metal on an industrial scale. Alloy Liquidmetal (liquid metal), consists of zirconium, titanium, nickel, copper and other materials, has a smooth surface, like a liquid, allowing it to be product of stronger, lighter and more resistant to corrosion in comparison to currently used alloys . Engineers Apple, using such an alloy in the future, be able to construct a durable, lightweight and slim iPhone. Perhaps some part of the new alloy will be seen in the new iPhone 5 in September, without waiting for any iPhone 12 in 3 years.

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