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LIMBO available on iOS

Playdead today announced the release of LIMBO on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. LIMBO is a puzzle game action adventure oriented, created by Arnt Jensen, he debuted on consoles in 2010 and has since been awarded with more than 100 awards worldwide. Continue reading LIMBO available on iOS

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News Feed, Talk Heads and 3d stickers on Facebook pertaining to iOS

Despite the fact that, the update is not available, is it doesn’t official announcement that Myspace iOS version could have an element of the Website on the actual iPad and iPhone gadgets. Till date we knew that this software associated with iOS is not compatible together with Facebook Home which is true. But steps are being taken to create it legitimate. For any time being at least, we understand that Facebook CTO and Apple Cell Head are talking the item out!

Conversation Heads along with Stickers
Chat Heads will be included about iOS, but were still in the dark when most of us wonder whether will probably be a altered app or section of the Facebook Messenger request. Yet we can surely count on better features into it like pulling the talk session or simply click in order to close. Messaging allows you stickers too, and you can collect these people from Stickers Store. Continue reading News Feed, Talk Heads and 3d stickers on Facebook pertaining to iOS

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Slussen Urbanears makes iPhone and DJ booth

Urbanears have only recently discovered the DJ market for themselves, with the Slussen now to the iPhone and iPod touch for DJ Center. Announced at CES, the small plug trickles currently in stores, it costs 15 euros. We have looked at the plug.

Slussen – as everything from Urbanears available in various colors – plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone and provides two ports. One for the headphones, a second for a speaker. The stereo signal is being split into 2 mono time, which limits the application of Slussen from the outset hobby room and living room and clubs are disregarded. For the couch or the birthday party in a small group, the Urbanears solution is acceptable, as you do with the acquisition does not fall into financial ruin. Slussen itself is worked solid, the two outputs for headphones and investment are clearly marked, using the 3.5 mm jack can also be turned inside a protective cover, which in turn is provided with a ring for your keys. Continue reading Slussen Urbanears makes iPhone and DJ booth

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Game controller in the form of housing for iPhone

Game controller in the form of housing for iPhone
Range of game controllers for smartphones and tablet computers is huge. But if you’re looking for something specific, you direct road to the site Kickstarter. Service participants, Justice Frangipane and iDevices, have joined forces to create FlipSide for iPhone.

FlipSide is a game controller as a protective case for iPhone. The device is equipped with a physical control buttons, and has the support of Bluetooth 4.0. Because the controller is powered by the energy of the sun, you do not have to worry about battery life smartphone. Continue reading Game controller in the form of housing for iPhone

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BTPS teach iPhone to measure tire pressure bicycle


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BTPS teach iPhone to measure tire pressure bike December 23, 2012 Continue reading BTPS teach iPhone to measure tire pressure bicycle

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iOS 7 Apple – our wishlist

For a few weeks we can enjoy the software iOS 6 on iGadżetach. But Apple accustomed us to share the new version of the iUrządzeń at about a year. Perhaps soon the network will appear first rumors about iOS 7, and the system will be officially unveiled certainty in June at WWDC, and put in the form of an upgrade in the autumn of 2013. We do not know at the moment what exactly Apple is preparing designed for this version of the software, but its proposals are five features that we’d seen in the new iOS. Here they are!

Support user accounts
Let’s face it, but the iPad is indeed designed for a single user, but uses iOS tablet every day with us a few people in the house, right? Continue reading iOS 7 Apple – our wishlist

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iFrogzTM Wireless Boost Plus Portable Speakers

IFrogz company this week introduced a portable wireless speakers iFrogz Boost Plus. New products are designed for use with smart phones or music players. Wireless data technology is used Near Field Audio, allows broadcast audio to a short distance.

For devices that do not support this wireless technology, a standard audio jack 3.5 mm. Inside iFrogz Boost Plus is a pair of speakers with a power of 2 watts each. Power can be supplied from three AA batteries or via USB cable. Continue reading iFrogzTM Wireless Boost Plus Portable Speakers

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Apple introduced the iPhone 5

Today in San Francisco at the scene the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller), Apple’s vice president of marketing, presented the new generation of the iPhone. Acquired the name of the product expected iPhone 5.
The first thing that drew the attention of Phil Schiller, – smaller novelty in comparison to its predecessor. iPhone 5 to 18% thinner (thickness – 7.6 mm) and 20% lighter (weight – 112 grams) than the iPhone 4S. It is noted that the unit is made only of glass and aluminum. Continue reading Apple introduced the iPhone 5

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Pinterest submitted applications for Android, iPad and iPhone

The creators of the popular service Pinterest, which, we recall, recently opened a free registration, has reported that mobile applications dllya Android, iPad and iPhone. It is reported that an Android app should work on all devices: smartphones and tablets, and different screen resolutions. Is the most functional app for iPad, Enables many features of the tablet from Apple. Continue reading Pinterest submitted applications for Android, iPad and iPhone

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SteelSeries is a line of gaming peripherals Freedom to Play

Cologne, 14 August 2012 – an exhibition Gamescom – Today, SteelSeries, a leading manufacturer of high quality gaming peripherals, presented a line of Freedom to Play.Ustroystva included in the new line, designed to provide high accuracy and ease of operation in mobile games for smartphones and Tablet PCs . This controller SteelSeries Free Mobile Gaming Controller (previously submitted under the name Ion) and SteelSeries Free Touchscreen Gaming Controls, as well as the headset SteelSeries Flux and SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pro.

Series devices Freedom to Play shall in all circumstances, at any time and any place to provide users with maximum enjoyment from your favorite games – Hevvir said Bruce (Bruce Hawver), CEO of SteelSeries. Continue reading SteelSeries is a line of gaming peripherals Freedom to Play

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Samsung has released Galaxy S3 Black

Less than two months it took Samsung, to sell 10 million Galaxy S3. At the high sales of smartphones affected the status of official sponsor of the Olympic Games and the massive marketing campaign, which started in August, just weeks before the potential release of the new iPhone.

To attract the attention of even greater number of users, the Korean manufacturer decides to update the color palette Galaxy S3. Until recently, SGS3 was presented only in two colors – Pebble Blue and Marble White. Continue reading Samsung has released Galaxy S3 Black

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iTunes Match, the music in the cloud from Apple

Recently, on the Polish market, Apple introduced a new service – iTunes Match, which allows us to transfer our local music library directly to the cloud icloud. Hence, we can then stream music via the Internet. In this way, we need not rip, for example, the iPad our music. In order to listen to us only need an Internet connection, including 3G networks. Match iTunes How does it work in practice? We decided to check it out!

iPad has only 16, 32 or 64 GB of memory. This unfortunately can not be expanded with memory cards. So go on holiday (a summer yet fully) we have to decide which songs we will take together, and will not listen to us. Continue reading iTunes Match, the music in the cloud from Apple

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Samsung Galaxy Note will be presented August 29 !

Ladies and gentlemen : it is already some information, not a leak. Information on the timing of events handed Reuters an employee of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is the most (after the SGS Group III, but the premiere has taken place), the highly anticipated smartphone Koreans. Over the last few months on it was a lot of rumors. We learned about the details associated with the technical specification equipment. But we did not know when to expect release tabletofonu, but speculated that in August or September.
Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note will be presented August 29 !

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