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Dush Car Tracker And Dashcam Product Hits Kickstarter

The Dash Car Tracker is a Bluetooth low energy device that plugs into your vehicle and wirelessly transmits data to the companion smartphone application. A new innovative device has been created by Jonathan Cohn called the Dash Car Tracker, which has been designed to enable you to tracker your car and visually see what is going on under bonnet via your iOS or Android device. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Dash project and see it in action.

Whilst you are driving the Dash Car Tracker is constantly reading information from your car’s engine computer and sending it to the Dash Car Tracker App for tracking and analysis. So if you think Dash is something you could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help Dash Car Tracker become a reality You’re then ready to track your first trip and monitor your data. Once you have completed your trip the data can be uploaded to the Drivewithdash. Dash uses Bluetooth low energy technology, which preserves battery life and can run even when the App is minimized”

The Dash Car Tracker project is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production. com website where you can compare your data with other drivers and Dash users. When a new car is detected, Dash will automatically configure a profile with the make, model, and year. “The Dash App (free on iTunes and Google Play) creates a new profile for every car you plug Dash into.

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Apple iPhone nano – cell phone on hand

Modern smartphones are becoming too powerful, now they are something more than a means of communication, and not everyone needs such unbridled power. Designer Olivier Demanzhel (Olivier Demangel) has cut off all excess and keep only necessary for communication with the outside world. All available means. His idea of ​​the author embodied in the concept of iPhone nano. Continue reading Apple iPhone nano – cell phone on hand

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Apple iWatch : multi-touch watch with an 8-megapixel camera

Swedish designer Anders Kellberg (Anders Kjellberg) introduced the concept of hours Apple iWatch, in my opinion, this proposal is now lacking in the range of Apple. Anders tried to show what can be branded “apple” watch, if you use The present-day technology. It turned out interesting.

Apple iWatch have class Retina display and an 8-megapixel camera. The camera is located on the front of the clock, it is also used for video of FaceTime. Watches are equipped with a productive processor, which allows them to record video in high definition. The device supports iTunes and applications like Google Maps and any others that are used on the iPhone and iPod touch. To access the Internet and connecting peripheral devices such as headsets, the clock Apple iWatch has modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

On board the device has 16GB of internal memory, you have access to the App Store, is supported by broadcast media through AirPlay, as well as wireless sync and charge the lithium-ion battery. 8 colors available to the buyer iWatch. The author considers the concept that with all this, the buyer can expect a price tag of $ 199 U.S.

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