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LG designs its “smart” watches and glasses augmented reality

LG smart
All new – well forgotten old. How many people now wear watches? With the advent of mobile phones and smartphones in our lives, this accessory was purchased by people much less. Especially for its direct problem. In the near future all can change dramatically. “Smart” watches are already developing a new generation of Apple and Samsung. According to the source, they are not alone. They were joined by LG.

No specific information about the device itself, of course, not. Perhaps LG clock will be running Firefox OS.

In addition, the source reported that LG is also working on a project similar to the glasses Google Glass, which is the first device of a new generation of augmented reality. These products are part of the LG term strategy. That is, the company assumes that the future of such devices. Continue reading LG designs its “smart” watches and glasses augmented reality

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Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth Headphones

Klipsch has unveiled its new range of headphones Image: The ONE Bluetooth. This is the first model of the brand wireless, Bluetooth (A2DP) and codec APTX, it is equipped with a adjustable leather headband, a black finish with brushed aluminum keys, transducer coil mobile 40 mm, a frequency response of 16Hz-23kHz, an impedance of 32 ohms and a sensitivity of 110dB, all at a weight of 138.3 grams. Count 250 euros

This pair of BT cans features 40mm dynamic moving coil driver, Hi-Fi Bluetooth (A2DP plus Klipsch’s aptX) for lossless audio quality, a rechargeable battery pack that’s good for 10 hours Continue reading Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth Headphones

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Nokia loses smartphone battle ten years ago

In the late nineties, Nokia reliably predicted the future of the mobile industry. After spending millions on research and development, the company has then demonstrated several prototypes with touch screens, which are very resemblance to the present iPhone and smartphones Android. Continue reading Nokia loses smartphone battle ten years ago

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Smartphone Nexus 5 curved and comfortable

The second and third smartphones branded Google Nexus have one small difference from the production of mobile phones Samsung, their screens are more concave. Experience has shown that it is very convenient, ergonomic solution, this form of gadget comfortably in the hand, and manage it more easily than a smartphone with a classic flat-screen TVs. A new concept by Nexus five decided to go ahead and add a few curved lines on all sides of the body.
Continue reading Smartphone Nexus 5 curved and comfortable

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