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Nokia loses smartphone battle ten years ago

In the late nineties, Nokia reliably predicted the future of the mobile industry. After spending millions on research and development, the company has then demonstrated several prototypes with touch screens, which are very resemblance to the present iPhone and smartphones Android. Continue reading Nokia loses smartphone battle ten years ago

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Samsung : new records for sales and profits

Currently, Samsung has not yet fully prepared its financial report for the second quarter of this year, but miss the opportunity to boast of their achievements prior to the camp of the South Korean developer is not going to. Recently, Samsung reported a new record high profit and success of the flagship Galaxy S III. All the details – read more.

In the second quarter of 2012, Samsung has an operating profit of 5.9 billion dollars. Continue reading Samsung : new records for sales and profits

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Amazon is developing its own smartphone

The world’s largest online shop Amazon, selling virtually all categories of goods, works out its own Android-smartphone, according to news agency Bloomberg, citing two anonymous sources. The company already has its own mobile devices – e-book Amazon Kindle, and Tablet PC on the Android, Amazon Kindle Fire.

Retail price of a tablet for a few dollars less than its cost, but the profit of the company, he regularly brings, through the sale of content to users. When developing a smartphone Amazon expects to use the same business model, and thus not only express themselves in the smartphone market and increase profits, but also to raise the sales of books, movies and music from an online store. Representatives of the companies are refusing to comment. According to Bloomberg, Amazon is actively buying up patents in wireless communications technologies, as well as negotiating with the Taiwanese company Foxconn, a manufacturer of electronics. Obviously, it will be a Foxconn manufacturer of novelty. Technical characteristics of potential smartphone and at least the approximate time to market sources told Bloomberg did not.

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