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Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth Headphones

Klipsch has unveiled its new range of headphones Image: The ONE Bluetooth. This is the first model of the brand wireless, Bluetooth (A2DP) and codec APTX, it is equipped with a adjustable leather headband, a black finish with brushed aluminum keys, transducer coil mobile 40 mm, a frequency response of 16Hz-23kHz, an impedance of 32 ohms and a sensitivity of 110dB, all at a weight of 138.3 grams. Count 250 euros

This pair of BT cans features 40mm dynamic moving coil driver, Hi-Fi Bluetooth (A2DP plus Klipsch’s aptX) for lossless audio quality, a rechargeable battery pack that’s good for 10 hours Continue reading Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth Headphones

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3M and Roku released Pocket Projector

3M Company and Roku jointly released a portable device that has been called Streaming Projector. Having dimensions 4.3 x 4.2 x 2.0 inches, the pocket projector fits in the palm. The device is able to project a 120-inch image at WVGA resolution on almost any surface.

The brightness of the projector lamp is 60 lumens. Battery charging enough almost 3 hours of continuous operation, which is more than enough to watch an American blockbuster. Built-in speaker is complemented by a 3.5-mm jack for headphones. Continue reading 3M and Roku released Pocket Projector

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Logitech Harmony Touch – full control over home entertainment

Logitech universal remote control presents a new generation of award-winning line of Harmony – Logitech® Harmony Touch. This powerful device with a color touch screen allows control of 15 devices simultaneously. New Logitech will provide users with complete control over home entertainment!

Hormone Logitech Touch is designed to allow users to efficiently manage home entertainment system. The device allows you to add, remove and change the order of up to 50 favorite setup on the 2.4-inch color touch screen. Continue reading Logitech Harmony Touch – full control over home entertainment

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New Wacom Bamboo Stylus pocket

Wacom announced yesterday its new Bamboo Stylus pocket, a new compact pen designed for smartphones and tablets iPad or Android. Measuring 9.3 cm, ergonomic pen unfolds to a standard size, and is accompanied by a suitable connector to the headphone jack at the cap.

The user has the choice of stylus between a soft tip when slight pressure is sufficient, and a hard tip to write or doodle in a stronger support. The pen also comes with three interchangeable colored rings to personalize it. Continue reading New Wacom Bamboo Stylus pocket

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Mini Bladeless Fan – the memory of summer

Imperceptibly passed three months of summer and the time has come to look for warm clothes, stocking vitamins and prepare for an attack of snow-white winter – a time when the summer will be reminded only photos and small gifts that add colors in cool tones of autumn and winter.

As a souvenir of this may make Mini Bladeless Fan, who is also a miniature fan without blades. Consequently, the gadget is completely safe, but still has a very attractive appearance, which is particularly likely to appeal to beautiful ladies. Continue reading Mini Bladeless Fan – the memory of summer

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RAPOO introduced a wireless stereo headset H3070

Moscow, August 13, 2012 – The largest manufacturer of computer peripherals, the company is RAPOO compact wireless stereo headset with microphone H3070. Easy and convenient new from RAPOO suitable for those who can not imagine my life without music and socializing.

In the summer do not want to use the cumbersome full-size headphones: what would be convenient, they were not massive ear cushions and wide headband make even more suffer from the heat. Continue reading RAPOO introduced a wireless stereo headset H3070

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Take a bath and listen to music with iShower

The trouble all modern mobile devices with a few exceptions – they are terribly afraid of getting water in their body. H2O can really destroy doroguschy smartphone or tablet, so take them in the bathroom is very risky. According to statistics, users may prefer to take a bath or shower for a couple of the gadget, using it as an audio player. For the safety of your phone or mobile PC created device called iShower, went on sale today.

iShower is a desktop device with a built-in Bluetooth, in which he connects with a source of audio content. Thus achieved two objectives – and expensive toys are not exposed to disastrous effects of moisture, and you can enjoy your favorite music in the process of water pollution. Continue reading Take a bath and listen to music with iShower

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Subway – The concept of hours in the style of the metro

The artist never knows where, when and for what occupation he finds inspiration, so some items are very stylish, like others, banal, familiar and uninteresting. For example, what a surprising and unexpected can be a subway map? But a British designer named Peter, still managed to see in it something beautiful and introduced the concept of a wristwatch called the Subway.
Continue reading Subway – The concept of hours in the style of the metro

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Razer Ouroborus mouse biting its own tail

The company Razer has released a wireless mouse Ouroborus, which was named one of the oldest symbols known to mankind. Ouroboros – coiled in a ring snake biting its tail – symbol of eternity and infinity.
The manufacturer identifies with him because of the novelty shapes fully variable, which can be customized to any size and grip palm. According to the company, Continue reading Razer Ouroborus mouse biting its own tail

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CANYON is a line of computer accessories Stealth Series

CANYON, one of the fastest growing brands in the European market for consumer electronics and peripherals, today announced the start of sales in Russia, a series of computer accessories CANYON Stealth Series. The new line includes three models of headphones, four models of computer mouse, portable speaker system, Continue reading CANYON is a line of computer accessories Stealth Series

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Flash Drive Apacer AH 354 is equipped with a USB 3.0 interface

USB 3.0 interface equipped as shown in the illustrations flash drive AH354 company Apacer. It is possible to obtain high data rates – up to 80 MB / s in read mode. When connected to a USB 2.0 data transfer rate up to 34 MB / s.
Continue reading Flash Drive Apacer AH 354 is equipped with a USB 3.0 interface

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Nikon introduced a lens with long focal length among all Nikkor

Earlier this month, the official site of Nikon, it was reported that the total number of issued NIKKOR lenses for cameras with interchangeable lenses exceeded seventy million. Compared with other manufacturers, this figure seems to be just crazy. But to stop there is not going to Nikon, or would not provide the new new super telephoto.
Continue reading Nikon introduced a lens with long focal length among all Nikkor

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ASUS EeeBox EB1030 nettop introduced on the basis of Cedar Trail

The use of mobile processors in desktop computers has created a new kind, which are called nettops. The modern market nettops are models that allow you to save a lot of places, especially since in most cases today, users can easily dispense systems with high performance. All these properties are fully meets the new nettop from ASUS.

ASUS has officially unveiled its new nettop model EeeBox EB1030, it differs very slim minimalist design, very low power consumption, and hence the fact that it does not cause any harm to the environment almost. All these qualities, he is obliged to set in his case the processor Intel Atom series Cedar Trail, which boasts a high enough performance and lack of need for active cooling system.

The manufacturer has provided many options for integration, customers can install up to 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, in which a couple can even install a 32-gigabyte SSD-drive. The range of connectors include HDMI, VGA, 3,5-mm jack for a microphone and speakers, card reader and four port USB. The cost nettop ASUS EeeBox EB1030 starts at 296 euros.

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