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Tomb Raider: No DLC plans for the single player

Some one will be pleased to hear that the game “Tomb Raider”, which at the fifth March 2013 has been released, holds no DLC plans for retail Spier mode. Only alone the multiplayer mode of the game is to be extended by more DLC in the future. Some one is pleased that, as it recently has the feeling that every new game has to start a DLC up their sleeve in order to motivate them to buy the customer. This calls for some produced a sense that the game is sold in half Customize condition in order to resell it be profitable in the future.

Recently put games like Sim City, called on DayOne DLCs, where the pre mostly been a free DLC pack gets. Afterwards, if you have not pre-ordered the game you can this DLC, to buy so-called “Season Pass” or they may, as usual, to buy individually later. What is your opinion on the same DLC for the start of a game like Sim City Continue reading Tomb Raider: No DLC plans for the single player

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What do you dream to see in GTA V

Wednesday was released a second trailer for GTA V. Before, many speculations on its release date, and the first leaks about the most anticipated game of 2013 have fired the imagination of gamers worldwide.

And they were not disappointed: three heroes, a playground advertised as great a variety of vehicles, many more interactions with NPCs through dynamic events of Red Dead Redemption and additional activities were announced by Rockstar. Continue reading What do you dream to see in GTA V

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Test – FIFA 13, football has a name

The king is dead, long live the king! Since the high-definition era, it is every year the same old story. The former ruler of the football world gives way to his worthy successor, but we are never disappointed so far. And as every twelve months, we rest forever the question: is it really better than the last? The answer is tedious, but yes, FIFA 13 is undoubtedly the best football simulation that we have known. Never a title like has reached this level of realism and that sense of construction Bluffing Thurs.

The recipe still works: by improving touch gameplay that makes miracles. FIFA 12 FIFA 13, there is not a dwarf. But what dwarf! Anyone who has not measured the previous version will not issue any joy to try to FIFA 13. Continue reading Test – FIFA 13, football has a name

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A pack of textures on Playstation 3 Black Ops II

As surprising as it may seem, the Playstation 3 version of Black Ops II offer an optional installation of textures, where the Xbox 360 will not be in their usefulness.

In these forums, Treyarch, however, assures players that the Playstation 3 system will have no effect on the visual and technical gaming experience Instead, this pack of textures-optional, remember, was developed for the sole to relieve the Blu-Ray Playstation 3 would tend to reach saturation. Continue reading A pack of textures on Playstation 3 Black Ops II

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