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Gamestick successful project on Kickstarter – We are a beta tester!

Gamestick successful project on Kickstarter
The Gamestick project closes his Kickstarter campaign was successful and the originally scheduled crowdfunding amount to take over about a 6-fold. Geeks Mobile also has participated as a backer and get one of the 50 beta testers platforms!

I love Kickstarter, because it supports not only my “hardware is the new black” – thesis (see my interview with t3n) but brings exciting startups and inventors with parallel financing straightforward and free market research. Does your idea on Kickstarter and its users to not really, you know, at least once before that there’s something wrong with your project. Continue reading Gamestick successful project on Kickstarter – We are a beta tester!

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Game console Sony PlayStation 2 to retire

If you consider yourself to gikam game, or just to fans of video games, you can bet that you either have or had, or you at least a few times played on the gaming console Sony PlayStatation 2. For those who for some reason do not know, let you know that the console has appeared already in 2000, and during that time has sold over 150 million copies. But nothing lasts forever. From Japan came the news that Sony announced the termination of the supply of new PS2 land of the rising sun.

This means that when the stocks with more consoles were completely desolate (and in fact PS2 continues to sell well in some markets of developing countries), no new supply PS2 will not – console will go to a well-deserved retirement. Continue reading Game console Sony PlayStation 2 to retire

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PAL: What is the highlight of the year ?

After your game of the year, it was the turn of the event with the highest score you pass under the spotlight. 2012 proved rich in twists many and varied, but one of them will necessarily be marked more than others.

We could mention the arrest of two developers of Arma III accused of espionage, the recent bankruptcy of THQ or the end of the babes Eurogame Expo, but we prefer to let you express yourself rather to rank ourselves .

The scandal Foxconn factories where children were making the Wii U or the iPhone 5, the recent controversy atour The War Z or the TGS 2012 mast you may have arrested. Continue reading PAL: What is the highlight of the year ?

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Xbox 720 Project Durango prize, release date, and new juicy details

The English media, who would have had access to almost 56 pages of description, reveals that the new Xbox will have more confusing news. As, for example, compatibility with Blu-Ray which even today is reserved for Sony in the field of home consoles. Durango but should also take advantage of new technologies, like a pair of glasses to augmented reality, or, a second version of Kinect.

According to the document that Game Informer had access, the new console will be launched in 2013, with prices rising to $ 299.99 (or 236 € and bananas). Knowing that the document dates from 2010, it may well be that the absence of Durango at E3 we suggest that its development would have been delayed. Otherwise, Microsoft will present during the 2013 edition of E3, for an output that could take place at the end of next year.

If the authenticity of the document remained to be unveiled on the internet check, some employees at Microsoft, as Michael Gapper, leaves us still believe that the information includes “a lot of truth.” Indeed, it would have explained that augmented reality was a major construction project for the Durango.

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Preview of the Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo unveiled more details on its Wii U at E3 which takes place at this very moment in Los Angeles, this one should be available at year end with us one speaks of October to a price ranging between 250 and 300 euros.

The console in itself weighs about 1.5 kg for dimensions of 46 x 268.5 x 172 mm, what makes it a tiny little larger and heavy than its big sister the Wii. On the design side is not much different either, we can say that big N has rounded corners. She has a CPU multicore designed by IBM without elaborating, and one GPU HD AMD Radeon. U will have the Wii internal flash memory for storage and an SD card reader and two USB ports to save your data on USB or HDD. There is also Wi-Fi 802.11n, and the ability to connect the Wii LAN adapt on a USB port on the console. The optical drive can read the U Wii, of course, but also the Wii, and Nintendo did not say if the baby can play DVD or Blu-Ray unlikely. Video output side, the Wii will support 1080p, and will benefit from HDMI, RCA, SCART and S-Video.

The GamePad or tablet as you want will weigh 500 grams, a bit heavy for a joystick non? It will have a 16:9 LCD touch screen of 6.2 “, and traditional facades buttons and four triggers. It is embarks also a gyroscope, an accelerometer, one vibration function, a microphone, of loudspeakers and a chip NFC, all with a battery that held from 3 to 5 hours according the use that you will make, and will put 2:30 a.m. to recharge!The grip of the Wii GamePad U is rather easy, the controls fall well under the fingers. We would have perhaps despite everything preferred that the triggers have just over deflections. At the show, we tested each time the GamePad in a position that will not be that you have at home, namely, get up! Therefore it is true that after one good hour and half at Nintendo, and with games where we must hold it vertically, this becomes a little tiring 500g nevertheless . The screen is relatively large, but not that much and it’s very own level resolution. The colors are faithful, and games suffer no refresh problem. As you know now, it is not multitouch, as a matter of cost of production. So with his finger or with the stylus on the screen is very responsive. In the mini game Takamura’s night castle it takes into account the speed at which you slide your finger to manage the speed of your shuriken, the impression is rather good at this level.

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