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Grillbots are the Roombas for the grill

Okay, the barbecue season now not just is imminent, but, the hygiene you can Yes never too early start with hey and clean the grill is not necessarily fun. Developed by the ex-broker of Ethan Woods, who wanted to get himself dirty fingers, schubbert Grillbot with its three engines and independent steel brush and if necessary timergesteuert on the grill and scrubs blitz-blank away all residue from cooking.

Should mid-June from 69 dollars in four colours be to have. Continue reading Grillbots are the Roombas for the grill

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Italian receive prosthetic hand to touch

hand to touch
In recent years has made the art of prosthetics incredible success, people without limbs are artificial arms and legs, which somehow reduce their dependence on the people around them. However, the new project promises opportunities, which have not been before, a young Italian woman soon receive prosthetic hand, he will return it to feel.

As reported, the operation will be done in Rome, the recipient serves Italian at the age of 20 years. Electronic prosthesis is connected directly to the patient’s nerves, this interface provides two-way communication. On the one hand, the woman will be able to control his hand, as if she was not electronic, but a real, flesh and blood. Continue reading Italian receive prosthetic hand to touch

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Ingress and became Niantic

Yesterday, we told you about Project Niantic, mysterious Google project. The Mountain View company has organized a vast virtual treasure hunt which we do not know the purpose. New product? Google OS for Glass? None of it. Ingress is simply involved collaborative manner Alt Minds.

The game will face collaborative two factions, which will have different views on a new electromagnetic force called “The Force.” You can then choose to enter the ‘Resistance’, or in the camp of “Clairvoyants” to take part in the game Once done, you need to use the “real life” to help your faction. Continue reading Ingress and became Niantic

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AMD A10-5800K can be overclocked to 6.50 GHz

New Crystal A10-5800K “Trinity” from AMD, which was presented yesterday, is capable of extreme overclocking. According to a AMD Adam Kozak (Adam Kozak), the chip is capable of such a crackdown on what can not similar to the cost of processors Intel.

Kozak said that the A10-5800K processor cost only $ 150 can accelerate to 6.50 GHz with liquid nitrogen. He also said that the A10-5800K, A8-5600K and A6-5400K costs $ 150 and below offer a greater overclocking potential than the cost of similar crystals from Intel. By the way the cheapest Intel processor with overclocking potential can be considered as Core i5-2500K costs $ 220. Continue reading AMD A10-5800K can be overclocked to 6.50 GHz

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Monitor 2Go – portable monitor for tablets and smartphones, and Apple is not only

Company Mobile Monitor Technologies (MMT) has introduced a new portable model, the terminology of the manufacturer, monitor Monitor2Go.

The design of the device is rather unique and is a kind of laptop. “Upper” part of a 15-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 900 or 1366 x 768 pixels, depending on the model. In the “Bottom” of the present niche for installing the tablet iPad. In this design allows the screen to deploy a 180-degree, as well as add device screen facing out and install, such as a monitor, with a special foot. Continue reading Monitor 2Go – portable monitor for tablets and smartphones, and Apple is not only

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IBM and Vodafone jointly develop technology for Smart Homes

IBM and Vodafone decided to combine their efforts to create management technology “smart homes.” The first joint developments are presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show IFA, recently held in Berlin.

In their work, IBM and Vodafone used mobile and cloud computing to create a convenient way to control home entertainment devices. Last you want to connect to a telecommunications platform Vodafone Global M2M Platform, which, in turn, is working on a new platform of cloud computing services company IBM – SmartCloud Service Delivery Platform. Technology M2M, which stands Machine-to-Machine, includes a wireless connection to the Internet, home equipment. Continue reading IBM and Vodafone jointly develop technology for Smart Homes

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Motorola also troll iOS Maps

According to Samsung, Nokia, now is Motorola Mobility (Google) just troll on iOS Maps! Indeed, on his Twitter account, the American manufacturer has launched

Obviously this tweet is followed by a beautiful visual here … As a reminder, since its release on iOS 6, Maps made ​​in Apple never stops getting mock on the web by its competitors, who this time n ‘not entirely wrong. But as Apple said yesterday, Continue reading Motorola also troll iOS Maps

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Apple iPhone 5 sales hit record

A few hours after the mobile operator AT&T announced a record demand for iPhone 5, Apple has published a more accurate figure. Shares tehgiganta suddenly broke the 700-dollar mark.

In a press release the company from Cupertino reported that the number of pre-orders for the sixth generation iPhone exceeded 2 million. A record number of entries were collected in the first 24 hours of admission to pre-sell the smartphone. Continue reading Apple iPhone 5 sales hit record

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PNY Opener Attache : USB flash drive

PNY Technologies when the company released a flash drive, combined with a whistle, some readers said that would have been more popular “flash drive” with the opener for beer. Somehow, the thought came to the manufacturer, and today directory unusual USB-drive model has expanded Opener Attaché.

The device is enclosed in a rugged stainless steel housing. The hook, used to bottle openers, you can also hang a bunch of keys or a trailer with it “flash drive” on a backpack. Continue reading PNY Opener Attache : USB flash drive

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Everyone his due – Microsoft gives gifts to employees

Work at Microsoft, one of the largest tech giants of this world – a real privilege. As a thank you for their contribution to the overall success of the business 90,000 Microsoft employees will be presented with not one, not two, but three Windows-based device. In the gift set includes: a smartphone running Windows Phone 8 tablet Microsoft Surface Windows RT and a new PC or laptop (ultrabook) based on Windows 8.

Speaking in Seattle at the annual meeting of staff, the head of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) was surprisingly generous (by the company). Continue reading Everyone his due – Microsoft gives gifts to employees

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Nikon 1 system deposited lens 1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8

Along with full-frame SLR camera Nikon D600 today presented the lens 1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8. To date, this is – the fast lens with a fixed focal length Nikon 1 system.

When installed on a camera system Nikon 1, the lens has an equivalent focal length of 50mm (in 35mm equivalent), which makes it quite versatile. According to the manufacturer, the new product is particularly well suited for portraits, allowing you to select portrayed by blurring the background. Continue reading Nikon 1 system deposited lens 1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8

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iPhone 5: Samsung, Apple wants to sue them for LTE

In little more than 34 hours Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 officially. The expectations could not be higher, and it is nothing less than the biggest upgrade in the iPhone history awaits. One of the highlights of the expected global support faster mobile network to LTE standard will represent. The competition and especially Samsung of course this is an eyesore. The South Korean company had in fact only recently suffered a crushing defeat, but already plans to the appropriate counter.

An anonymous Samsung manager has informed divided on Monday over the Korea Times that the South Korean company will take action against the new generation of iPhones, if the device is equipped with a fast LTE. Continue reading iPhone 5: Samsung, Apple wants to sue them for LTE

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Intel Xeon E5-1428L – six cores, twelve threads and TDP 60 W

Intel introduced another processor in the LGA 1356, is designed for single-processor systems. This time the novelty was a six-core Xeon E5-1428L, clocked at 1.8 GHz and has TDP of 60 watts. Cache in the third level is 15 MB.
Like the recently introduced Pentium 1405, based on a new architecture Sandy Bridge-EN and is available on a 32-nanometer process technology.

Processor supports Hyper-Threading, but does not support Turbo Boost. Triple Channel memory allows you to work with modules DDR3-1333. Continue reading Intel Xeon E5-1428L – six cores, twelve threads and TDP 60 W

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