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The Evil Within – Mikami wants a “truth” survival horror

The Evil Within
Shinji Mikami, the man behind the next project of Bethesda, The Evil Within, wants to return at the bases of the survival horror.

According to the Sir, and one can hardly give him twists, the kind survival horror became an argument marketing more than one kind. The survival horror with large budgets of today – one thinks Dead Space 3 – have all the stupid game of action – what Dead Space 1 was not!

For me, personally, if I returned to the survival horror, it is not that the survival horror as a kind does not exist any more, it is not any more but of the action. Shinji Mikami, in an interview granted to IGN.

IGN put online a 9 minutes video, where several men from Gameswork Tango cause us a little more philosophy of game of The Evil Within. If you missed the teaser and the first information on the game, it is here that occurs.
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Wall Street Journal: PS4-streaming PS3-games thanks to Gaikai technology

There are only a few days, until on 20 February, the PlayStation event in New York over the stage, going to the then most probably the new Sony PlayStation 4 will pull out of the bag. And to reports the Wall Street Journal, according to the previous console games PS 3 can play streamed. Made possible by the technology of the company Gaikai, the Japanese electronics giant has bought 2012 for $ 380 million.

Next, the WSJ writes that Sony had developed for Move better cameras and also renewed the controller – a picture of a prototype is already leaked. Continue reading Wall Street Journal: PS4-streaming PS3-games thanks to Gaikai technology

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Playstation 3 comes in blue and red in February in Japan and Europe

We have quite a few colors for the Sony Playstation 3 on the German market, but white, silver and black is just not colorful enough. Accordingly, the Japanese take now for the domestic market, a blue and red version in stores. On 28 February is one with a 250GB hard drive for 25,000 yen, the devices can be purchased in a limited edition. We in Europe are on the same weekend get a 500GB version for 330 euros and can pre-order on Amazon before.

In America, there is the “garnet red” and “blue azurite” not give Playstation 3, it would have fit in nicely with the colors of the national colors. Perhaps Sony is yes but still leave a few extra devices from the band when they arrive safely. They could afford to sell it so not necessarily not all Continue reading Playstation 3 comes in blue and red in February in Japan and Europe

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Playroom Pinel & Pinel to PlayStation 3 for $ 90,000

You are rich and like the console games? Then take a look at the new game system PlayStation 3 $ 90 thousand dollars!

In sale, only 15 such exclusive systems, each of which among others will offer a sound system capacity 1800 Tues

Set gaming system will offer 51 variant color schemes and built with high quality materials. Continue reading Playroom Pinel & Pinel to PlayStation 3 for $ 90,000

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XCOM playable on Youtube

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now offering a interactive trailer inviting you to try the title without any installation.

2K has indeed released a trailer for the viewer to choose the events taking place during the presentation of his game and you have an overview of the gameplay video, which is even better than Youtube does not load a new page for each of your choices. Continue reading XCOM playable on Youtube

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TGS 12 : Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on PS Vita More

Team Ninja announced at TGS 2012 a final version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will inflate the library of the PS Vita.

Titled Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, this version should add new features related to the size portable console from Sony, similar to the first port of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus.
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The PlayStation 3 Super Slim is confirmed

A rumor over the second about a slim version of the PlayStation 3 to add your books! The FCC, the U.S. standards organization, has registered a document related to a PlayStation 3 – 4000.
Sony we had already put a flea in the ear during E3, explaining that the developers were constantly trying to lower the price and size of the console. Now it is the US FCC, responsible for verifying standards for certain products, which registered a product bearing the name of PlayStation 3 to 4000. Doubts begin to fade, the arrival of a super slim PlayStation 3 becomes less and less improbable.

But Sony has not officially announced the product, so it is wise to wait pus wisely that the Japanese firm talks about the subject before breaking the bank.

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