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BionicOpter dragonfly drone flutters in relation, blows minds

Today the company has created BionicOpter. The 17.3-inch long dragonfly drone can flutter through the air in any direction, and even hover, the same as its organic inspiration. Their four carbon fibre and foil wings overcome around 20 times per-second, propelling it through the air as if it were swimming rather than flying.

Really piloting the robo-bug is accomplished through a smartphone app, but an on-board ARM-based microcontroller makes small changes to make certain stability throughout flight. There are always a several crucial bits of data we do not have only yet.

For one, it’s not clear the length of time the two-cell lithium ion battery will last, and pricing or availability are missing from the brochure (at the source link). Odds are though, you’ll never have the ability to manage one any way. Thankfully you can at the very least see that marvel of design doing his thing after the break.

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Grillbots are the Roombas for the grill

Okay, the barbecue season now not just is imminent, but, the hygiene you can Yes never too early start with hey and clean the grill is not necessarily fun. Developed by the ex-broker of Ethan Woods, who wanted to get himself dirty fingers, schubbert Grillbot with its three engines and independent steel brush and if necessary timergesteuert on the grill and scrubs blitz-blank away all residue from cooking.

Should mid-June from 69 dollars in four colours be to have. Continue reading Grillbots are the Roombas for the grill

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Little Robot Auto Mee S cleans the screen of your smartphone and Tablets, iPad in four minutes

Robot Auto Mee S cleans the screen of your smartphone and Tablets, iPad
Tablets and smartphones with large touch screens very quickly and become part of our lives. Think about it, it took only three years since the announcement of the revolutionary iPad (which, incidentally, spoke highly ambiguous). Who would think of quad-core processors and chic with a giant screen (similar to diagonal) resolution in such compact devices? This rapid jump could not lead to a very specific “support” devices and accessories. We have already seen quite a strange move of HTC, which proposed a separate “phone” to its masthead smartphone.

The other day my “strange devices” joins Japanese toy maker Takara TOMY, presenting highly entertaining device which, however, can hardly be considered truly useful. Most people have seen at least in the movies a device such as a robot vacuum cleaner. These robots appear, and became the prototype provided by the Japanese “toys» Auto Mee S. This baby is built to clean the screen of your smartphone and tablets. Continue reading Little Robot Auto Mee S cleans the screen of your smartphone and Tablets, iPad in four minutes

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Japanese nuclear power legged robot Toshiba Quadruped

Toshiba has introduced a four-legged robot that will guard the crash Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant (Fukushima Daiichi). Quadruped completed miniature wheeled robot for inspection of hard to reach places.

The robot is able to walk up the steps, moving cross-country and cross through the objects lying on the floor. Quadruped is moving at a speed of 1 km / h Each of the robots equipped with cameras and radiation dosimetry. Both support a wireless connection. Continue reading Japanese nuclear power legged robot Toshiba Quadruped

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TechJet Dragonfly – perfect spy

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology) have created a robotic dragonfly that is placed in the palm. As befits a winged insect, dragonfly easily can fly and hover in the air. Scope of the robot – aerial photography, games and espionage. USAF allocated to finance the project $ 1 million.

The researchers chose a dragonfly for its predatory behavior. Fast flying insect has a high maneuverability and good vision in one word – perfect scout. So on the idea of ​​creators and must be TechJet Dragonfly. Continue reading TechJet Dragonfly – perfect spy

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WINE : The Robot winemaker !

WINE for Viticulture is a small natural intelligent robot 50cm high developed by the company in Burgundy Wall-Ye, a French company, which allows to cut about 600 vines per day!

This robot has two arms winemaker, four wheels, six cameras and a GPS which allows to identify, but also to collect data on the health of the vines and soil. WINE is not the size, it can also be suckering or cleaning the floor at the foot of the vines. Continue reading WINE : The Robot winemaker !

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