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Humans and robots have found a common language

They say that robots will replace the man in this century. In fact, it’s a lie. Robots are already successfully replace human in many areas, undertaken either by the dirty work, or routine – related to the calculation, the amount of which does not fit into the human head. There are many ways to develop robotics, but only one is seen by us in glowing terms: joint peace work robots and humans.

Many people are going through, rise ever robots in “Terminator” and the little short film «R’ha», created by a young but very talented student. Massachusetts Institute of Technology or zoom – which way you look – this day, trying to teach people and robots to work together. Continue reading Humans and robots have found a common language

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Japanese gadgets for lazy people

The Japanese are the leaders in the creation of high-tech devices. However, often the local producers to market a very funny thing. And now we will focus on the trash and brush … on the remote control.

These gadgets company released Kyosho. They are not as complex and “advanced” as robots Roomba or Wall-E, but clearly fit lazy people who are looking for something unusual for little money. By and large base of new products in one. Different device only housing – thus as a brush or trash can. So throw out the stub or clean the floor dust can not get up from the couch. Japanese advertise their creations bright and noisy. However, it is they can do. Continue reading Japanese gadgets for lazy people

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iRobot has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner for swimming pools

iRobot has introduced a new robot
iRobot has received an international reputation for robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba, Looj Gutter Cleaners and machine for cleaning floors Scooba. Recently, the company announced a new robot for cleaning swimming pools – Mirra 530.

Mirra 530 is designed for use in underground basins. The robot dispenses with hoses and booster pumps. Furthermore, it is independent of the pool filtration system, which saves electricity.

Once in the water, Mirra 530 evaluates the status and parameters of the pool, chooses the most efficient cleaning cycle and only then gets to work. Continue reading iRobot has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner for swimming pools

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